Thursday, January 17, 2008

Facing Reality....

okay i was going to blog yesterday at work.......but i was way too busy!!! so I will try and get this done today. the night before i spent a good part of the night coughing..... i didn't feel bad, my body wasn't achy or anything......i just had this annoying cough. In the morning, i was still coughing.......i was coughing and tired!!! Christina called me at 9am to schedule the time we would be leaving for Curve...... and immediately she said "Sandi, you are wheezing!!! " here i was having Asthmatic issues all along! 3 years ago, I got a really bad lung infection, and spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital, and back and forth to the doctors. Well ever since then I have been compromised with Asthma, I have an Inhaler, but will use it once a month if that. I do not want to be controlled by my Inhaler... so i "forget" that I have that option. Also, when you think of Asthma, you always think of "difficulty breathing type of attacks" I forget that coughing is another symptom. So I use my inhaler...... went to Curves, and felt great. actually i noticed that i was breathing deeply, and it felt good. So i prob needed to use the Inhaler a week ago. Instead of denying that I need the Inhaler, If i would have just used it, maybe i wouldn't have been so sick, tired, and weak a few days ago. So i am facing REALITY, I am susceptible to getting Asthmatic symptoms! and I need to pay more attention to what my body needs.

Speaking of Curves........ I must say i kicked some major butt yesterday! I worked my muscles as hard as I could on the machines.... I truly gave it 100% I figure if I am doing it 3 days a week... only 1/2 hour, I better give it 100% So early in the morning...... i wake up and immediately think of Melody.... and in my head, i say to myself, I really got to keep this going, I have goals to achieve for Melody. So was that me thinking this? or is this a way that Angels communicate with us? I believe this is how Melody communicates with me!!! I have been doing awesome eating....... pretty much sticking to 6 small meals/ protein and complex carb with every meal. No sugar. lots of water.... good fats! lots of flax seeds.. extra veggies and low glycemic fruits.

I plan on going to Curves tomorrow morning before work, and depending how hard i work will decide if I go on Saturday or not. Well i should get going......... i would like to talk about something else on my i may come back later, or I may wait until tomorrow.

Make it a good one

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