Monday, January 14, 2008

A day in Pittsburgh

A day in Pittsburgh, A day of friendship and fellowship....a day to enjoy the daughters. Me, Katie and Christina met Jeanine (Chris' daughter) at Kimmies at 10 this morning. I must first say the morning started with me "tossing" Katie's plastic bag of what i thought was extra clothes (she was going to Hockey game later in the evening) . How was i to know she had a book in the bag........ i bruised and cut just below her right eye......I felt sooooo bad. Kim has the nicest little apartment, it has so much character and charm...if i were single, i could see myself living there... 3 flights of steps up and all!!! We went to a cute little Tea Spot and it was so "adorable" I had green apple/green tea, which i ended up purchasing, Christina had Carmel tea, and Kim had English tea.....not sure what Jeanine had...... Katie ordered hot chocolate........ plain!! you can tell she was raised by me, when the young gentleman asked her......... do you want it made with soy milk, skim milk, whole milk, cream........ I know what Katie was thinking, ..."~ dang dude, open up a packet of Swiss miss and put some boiling water in it~"... i tasted her hot chocolate and it was delicious, so creamy and took them a while to make it too! At this point it was snowing so hard, big large soft snow was so pretty! we then drove to another part of town to check out some quaint shops........ I won't even go into too much detail about the "Kard Shop, with the all about Penis book........ I guess there were frog Pee Pees, and Zucchini pee pees, and tattooed pee pees.......... Now speaking from a Nursing for 20 years point of view......... they are ALL ugly.......i am just saying!!! (hi Patti ) Kim and/or Christina would have to give you more info on the book :0) We then went to a local restaurant.........very good food, very reasonable priced... I had a grilled portabella, veggie, basil, sandwich on Cibota bread ( i have no idea how to pronounce this bread let alone spell it) We then stopped at a few more shops and then headed to Trader Joes ....... this was my first time, and I loved loved loved it. I just Need to go back again in a few weeks.

Well I am home now, the kids are all gone, and Bill will be home soon. so i should go get ready for dinner....... i am not hungry....... lunch has filled me up, and that was 6 hours ago almost.

It was truly such a fun relaxing day........... and if Laughter is the Best medicine....... then i can't be better!!!

Thanks girls for a great time

love you


Patti's Parlor said...

It sounds like a great time.
And it snowed? I'm sure ya'all had on the right shoes!

Kellie said...

Glad you all had a great time!!!!! It snowed here today as well. Snow is ok for about one day a year and then I am over it.

Kim said...

Yes, Patti, we did all have on proper footwear....and Chris had on comfortable clothes, didn't she Sandi????

Gina said...

Wow, Sandi, doesn't my Aunt Chris look great for just giving birth to a stability ball? Too funny, Kim! Glad you guys had time, do it on a Saturday so I can come, too!