Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matthew 5:16

okay i am going to post this.... i rambled so much.......that i was going to delete it.......but this is how i was thinking today.......

before I talk about my title, I will update that i am really feeling okay being sick. and I guess what I mean is, yeah, i have this really yucky upper respiratory infection. BUT it has not landed in my lungs. also it is stemmed more from allergies, and my Sinus problems! Yesterday I tried Zyrtec. it does warn against drowsiness! but, i really didn't feel too bad on it. And Bill commented that i did breath through my nose all night. No Snoring for me. I think the reason i make so much noise when i sleep is because of all the "drainage" collecting in the back of my throat... yeah i know too much info for you......... well deal with it! So I am resting and napping, and drinking, doing extra C and Zinc, eating very healthy.. I start work again at I'll manage.

This morning i was Reading Kim's brothers blog........ and I must say I really like where he is coming from. it is the same things that have been on my mind lately. And while I am in the mist of my PMS moments, i am half afraid to even blog......because i am just not sure what is going to come out of this mind!!! so this is my disclaimer..... if I've offended anybody i am sorry, if i have hurt anybody, i am sorry. but get over IT!!! (oh that was PMS talking)

A long time ago I chose to have a relationship with God, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. and my life changed. am I a better person? maybe, do I fall? all the time. am I ever sick? yes, Am i immune to financial troubles? NO, is my life problem free? NO, You see, it is nothing I did, or said, or even bought. IT WAS GIVEN TO ME!!! By Grace alone. My biggest pet peeve right now, are "Christians" that think they worked so hard, and earned Gods grace.......therefore they are head and shoulders above the "others" ( i am not speaking about those who have yet to accept God's love) I am talking about people who call themselves Christians, people who "go to Church 3,4 5 times a week, people who are on every committee and board in the Church. The ones that lift their noses in the air, when the young mother that smells of stale smoke walk past them., or looks at the local drunk on the street with pure loathing.

I have to remember on a daily basis, when the human side of me wants to seek revenge.....and just can't wait for "them" to get what is coming to them. the really grumpy co worker, who is making your life so hard. the X husbands girlfriend (that he left you for in the first place) deep down........ it would be so nice to see these people fall flat on their faces, and suffer. if Christians would spend more time truly praying about "What Would Jesus Do" and less time figuring what committee, of what organization, of what part of the Church and Doctrine this would fall in.... And if we would just take a moment to try on the other persons shoe...... Just maybe, just maybe we would have more sympathy. Even for our Enemies. (Hey Chris, I've got a lot to learn here, with my Neighbor who is causing so much grief,....... to be so miserable all the time, and not be able to find sad is that? Maybe i shouldn't be so hateful in my thoughts) Oh boy, this is going to be a life long battle, fought every day, i can see that! but i am trying.

My husband is so stubborn and set in his ways......... (Democrats bad/ Republicans good) He hears one thing/ and I hear another in the same words. He says "Democrats" don't want to hear what the "republicans" have to say. BUT he is doing the same thing. Yeah I think it is TERRIBLE that some politicians want to start teaching sex education and birth control in 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades. In my little bubble of a world, 8 year old and 9 year old girls still play with baby dolls, and pretend they are princesses. and little boys climb trees and play with cars, Moms and Dads protect and teach these children right from wrong, parents love and hug these children and teach them of God's love. and then this sharp steel blade pierces my bubble, and then a sad reminder that this isn't how this World is right now........ and we need God's love more than ever. I don't have the answers, but i just know Hate isn't one of them. There are 9 and 10 year old having babies, and already carrying STD's. .... I truly don't know if it is right or wrong to start teaching this...... Maybe the secular world doesn't have the solutions. But if the Christian world is going to cocoon themselves from this, separate themselves, their own little Christian Island....... how will they ever know about the peace and joy offered in the arms of God? I know this much.......and then my PMS mind will shut up for a while, There is Nothing more that Satan would like to happen, as letting the "Christians separate themselves from the world.

okay, not sure i want to print this now........because, i just ramble on. but then again like Kellie says, this is therapy for me......and maybe i will print it, maybe i won't.


okay back again, maybe i should tell you what Matthew 5:16 is and why i used it as a title

Matthew 5:16
~ Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven~

i am just saying, people don't need to hear about how wonderful and righteous you are with words and such. but just by them seeing how you react, and how you love, they will see the "light" in you.....and just maybe, they'll want some of that tooo!!!

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