Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Let me tell you what happened, and I've been thinking

Okay first, I've been thinking, Knowing what "the Circle of friends" have been going through, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have a Minister bless us every now and then, and at very least pray for us..........Heaven knows we need prayers. So maybe we'll let Cliff visit our Circle every now and then, But he may be sorry.......all the girl talk and all.....and don't forget the main issue.......HIS SISTER!!! enough said!!!

Oh!!! Happy Birthday Kim's mom, you are an awesome woman, and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Maybe I'll talk Kim into visiting in March when Kiski Prep (where I am a school nurse)goes on spring break.

Okay let me tell you what happened Monday Evening........ I am at work, it is very very busy.......the line of sick boys, professors, and professors children never end.... I am going about my business, checking temps, looking at throats, washing my hands, giving out medicine..... it is now 7pm, and I notice that I am slightly dizzy, and my head feels a little funny... i chalk it off as just being busy........ it is now 7:20pm and I am getting so dizzy, that i am walking to the left, I am trying to chart on the students I saw, and I could barely concentrate on the page, as the letters, words, sentences, just seemed to move up and down. I called Bill to have Katie drive him to my work, He could take my car home, and Katie could drive me home....... I figured seeing two roads and 6 moving yellow center lines.......was not a good thing to drive on!!! I call my boss and tell her a few things i didn't do to prepare for the next morning, i wasn't going to chance on making a mistake with medications and stuff like that.
........ i get home and by now everything was moving so fast, and worse when i laid down and closed my eyes. it felt like i was on one of those sickening rides at an amusement head felt so funny, I wasn't sure if I was having a stroke. Well I figured that when I took Claritin D 24 hours at 2pm, that maybe it was from that. (i can't handle many medications) and since it is a time released capsule. and it is a daily only pill, I figured if it was from that, I'd feel better around 11am on Tuesday. So i talk to Chris early in the morning.....No Curves for me, I didn't feel like talking, my right side of my head felt "numb", and i was still dizzy. and when i walked i kept going to the left...... I was actually worried that something was really wrong...... i ended up getting a bath, shaving my umm "winter" legs........just in case i passed out and need to go to the hospital, or doctors.... you know, shaved legs, clean gutchies, and socks....... you never know!!! I crawled back into bed and stayed there all morning, i wasn't tired, couldn't read, and really couldn't watch TV... i tried to rest. Chris called me every couple hours to check on me. .. and try and talk me into going to the Doctors.... well by noon, i noticed the dizziness was leaving, i still felt like i had a "hang over" but i could get up and not walk into a wall, and by evening, I felt pretty good. So I am going to guess, that I cannot take Claritin D the warning on the box said not use if nervousness, dizziness and sleeplessness occurs...... yup that was me, ( my hands were weak and shaking and jittery 1/2 hour before my head went for a ride )
this morning I feel fine :0) I plan on going to Curves if Chris wants to go. and then I have work this evening...... come home, go to bed and go to work tomorrow morning......for the first time ever, i almost dread it, so much illness right now..... oh well, I'll do what i can do, and i pray for protection from the viruses that are coughed in my face!!!

Have a great day today......and hug your loved ones......just because.... you can!!!!


Patti's Parlor said...

Geez you scared the daylights out of me. Take care of yourself.

Chris said...

While hugging your loved one,(ie. significant other) it's always best to bend your leg at the knee, huh, Sandi.

Kellie said...

lololol Do tell Chris! Sounds like theres a story in thar some place.

Kim said...

Ditto on what Pattu said. You need to take care of yourself!

Oh and ditto on what Kellie said...there's a story in there somewhere......

Chris said...

Just a little story. Sandi called me yesterday to tell me that she was feeling better and while we were talking I said "oh, here comes Larry" and she told me to run and give him a big hug and kick my leg out......which meant lift your foot up like they do in those "romantic movies"......I did run, but to the kitchen 'cause my supper was burning!!!!!

Although, I followed Sandi's advice after that...........He looked at me kind of funny!!!

Hey Kim, who's Pattu? LOL!