Thursday, January 10, 2008

my fireplace

okay since Kim is tired of the title "my teapot" I changed it to "my fireplace." This is my favorite one thing in my home. And if the weather is cold out.......... I am using it!!! it's an old fashion stone fireplace, that burns wood. Oh we've thought about getting the real looking logs using gas........and some of those you can't even tell that they are gas burning and not wood burning. But I am not ready for that yet. Yah, getting the wood, and piling the wood, and cleaning up dirt brought in from the wood!!!! But hey what do I have all these boys for? I think it is the heart of my home in the winter time. This world can get tough, and in the winters of Pennsylvania, even tougher! After a long day at work, or even after a long day of play............chilled to the bone, we come home and sit by the fire........ Ever since the kids were little..........they'd go out and sled ride and make snowmen and forts.....come in not even feeling their fingers, to a cup of hot chocolate, popcorn and a fire in the fireplace. Fireplace to me, is Family time to me. Also the stone on the fireplace came from my childhood home, a little coal mining town called Brownstown. (I've only had 2 homes in my life, the home i grew up in and this home.) Now in the summer the heart of my home changes to my porch....... but that will be another blog on another day.

Work has been so busy lately.......... i feel like i am back at the hospital or the nursing home, multitasking doing 7 things at once. But i must say it makes time go faster. I work this afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon, and Saturday morning, and I may work Sunday morning too!!! I'll know tomorrow. I don't mind this job.......and this is my first job that truly has No stress. I couldn't ask for a better boss, who appreciates every thing that is done, my office is so bright and airy, and the campus is absolutely gorgeous with buildings and houses well over 100 years old. the architectural designs and the many many mature trees. surrounded by woods. Kiski prep is nestled on top of a hillside overlooking the river and the little town of Saltsburg......... gee I sound like a Realty Ad........ but I'll have to take pictures in the Spring or Fall when the old trees are at their best.

I think we are doing Curves today, I've gotta call Christina when I get off the computer. oh Kim did a Tribute Tuesday yesterday, and I think that is a great Idea...... I might start that. I think that would be a great idea

Well I've got things to do, including making supper ahead of time, and then have Bill and the kids just warm it up this evening........ this family of mine....... not sure how they survive with out ME ;-P


Chris said...

OMG Sandi, a Reality Add? You TRULY crack me up..........LOL
Luv ya!!

Kellie said...

Love the Fire Place! I love the porch too! What a view that is. Have a Great Day!
Keep Warm, Love yas

Chris said...

Hey Kellie, please tell me that you saw all those trulys and that Sandi said "Reality Add" before she decided to edit them out and make my first comment look dumb!!!!!!

Kellie said...

I think the "Reality add" was a subconscious thought cuz the ADD fits! LOL Love ya Sandi!!!! As far as the "trulys" I have to admit if it weren't for my spell check I have on my puter that checks everything and anything I type. I am a horrible speller and so I would not notice typo's.