Sunday, January 13, 2008

my corner today

This is where i spent most of my Sunday.... here or in my bed. I can't seem to get warm, so I've been sitting near as i can to the fireplace! I just feel yucky.........and i can't even pinpoint where it is coming from. My ears are draining, I have a terrible sinus headache, my muscles and joints ache and the big thing is I feel like i am on a carnival ride even when i am sitting still. I have cherry almond tea, and i am using amaretto creamer....which go perfect together......delicious. don't even need a dessert , the tea seems to satisfy the sweet urge.
Looking forward to going in to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Christina said she'd drive, She doesn't agree with me being dizzy and Pittsburgh traffic. and i wonder why!!!! I am so excited her daughter Jeanine, who lives in Pittsburgh also is going to meet with Us ..... and I just Love Love Love this girl. so the four us are going to have a great time.... even if i am a little under the weather.

well i am making grilled turkey burgers mixed with chili powder and spices ..... you use low fat Cheddar cheese mixed in to help with moisture... delicious!!!
I'll let you know how things go ya guys.

Kellie hope you're feeling better soon.
Patti thanks for the recipe


Patti's Parlor said...

I saw another leftover chicken recipe on TV this morning. She put in diced celery, scallion onions, walnuts and fresh chopped terragon. Added mayo S&P and chilled.
I used to go to a place that made chicken salad with grapes and pecans.
AND I worked with a girl who made chicken enchiladas with leftover chicken but I don't have her recipe ;-(
Feel better soon.
You ladies have a safe and fun trip tomorrow.

CresceNet said...

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Kellie said...

Hey Sandi and Patti
I will post my chi ench recipe. It is a good one and I wone first place at out chicken festival cookoff.

I clicked on that web site and it is all in spanish. I'm lucky to read english. lol

You girls have a safe and fun day tomorrow.

Gina said...

Yeah, guys, have fun...I'm jealous! Dumb job. It ruins everything for me! So Aunt Chris...what is this about you having a blog?