Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just trying to fight this...... two weeks on and off

well at 2am i wake up with a terrible sore throat and a fever of 101.5 I was so cold yet sweating like crazy. I didn't take anything for the fever, and I let myself sweat!!! As a rule, fevers really aren't that bad if controlled, it is the body's way of fighting off those virus/bacterial bugs. My temp is 99 right now. i know that I've had sinus issues, I've had them for 35 years! and obviously by a previous post, there are some medications that I just can't take. I am working a lot, and yes sometimes double backing (worked evenings yesterday, and turn around and come in for day shift) But i am listening to my body. I nap when i can. I am eating oh so healthy, I am getting exercise in. I am drinking tons of fluids...... today i am sipping green tea all day. I wash my hands until they are raw...... BUT bottom line for the past 3 weeks since the kids came back from Winter break....... i have been dealing with germs from all over the world! I saw more students yesterday in 5 hours than i have ALL my days i worked last year! What more can I do? I work until 2pm today, and then i don't come back to work until Sunday evening!!! So I'll rest and get extra fluids, make a big pot of Holiday/Wedding Soup. and i love my Vicks Vapor Rub. Oh Oh OH, and if i didn't mention it before, I may have, but i have a cold sore on my lip. the last one I had was my Senior Year in 1985. that pretty much means my immune system is being compromised at this time. okay enough of this........ done whining........ just going to persevere.

Well Andrew got his report card yesterday, in 1 months time he completed both 9 weeks in all of his subjects except history . all grades are mostly A's and a few high B's. he works hard, and spends a lot of time doing homework and writing reports. It has been such a slow process, but he is working through it

Well the hospital part of our Nursing office is filling up at a fast pace. so i should get my butt moving........ pray that i can get through today!


Kellie said...

Come to the light (pc screen light that is) The light is calling you... come see your friends Sandi you are not sleepy not at all........Your friends miss you so come to the light.

Cliff said...

That's funny!