Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fifth Day !!!

Yesterday was a repeat of the day before no added sugar day. again had my shake with berries. lunch was grilled chicken breast with red peppers. dinner my co worker Jeff made Caribou in a homemade tomato sauce with whole wheat pasta, i even tasted pigeon ( similar to beef in texture) didn't have much of that.... not sure i liked it yet. so i had my light yogurt with berries, and then i had a grilled chicken flavored with buffalo sauce in a tortilla with lettuce, a little blue cheese dsg and a TB. of shredded Cheddar when i got home.
So i have finally, at least for now, got over the intense craving and need for sweets. And i am almost afraid to start even with a taste again for fear i will not stop. I am going to keep this going for 21 days....... that seems like an impossible task, i'll just take it one day at a time. that it takes 21 days to break a habit........ wonder if that is true?
Well another busy day, i go to my foot doctor today. my foot aches so bad and sometimes the burning throbbing pain wakes me up from a dead sleep. i have new orthotics that i am picking up this morning, and then i am heading to work..... Sam is injured today and isn't even dressing for football so i may stay home and start washing clothes. we went two weeks without a washing machine, Our new one came in yesterday........ can't wait to use it and get caught up.
Have a great day and a relaxing weekend.

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Kellie said...

Try the epsome salt soaks and do you have any lidocane jell pain patches? Thay work great on feet as well as backs. If you cant get any I can send you some. Also I buy a rub made of essential oils that helps marks knees.
Love ya and hate seeing you in pain.