Sunday, September 26, 2010

My NO sugar days remain intact

Today was my seventh day of No added sugar ( i only get sugar from low glycemic fruits at this point). and i did not falter from the path ;+)
I must be honest, it isn't hard right now, not like it was earlier this week. for instance today My group from work went Kayaking, and afterwards we met for a lunch of "Bills" wings, apples, rice crispy treats and Bill ended up picking up and bring some kind of chocolate covered Oreo cookies. I DID NOT HAVE ONE, and actually when i made the Rice crispy treats, i started to mindlessly put a hunk in my mouth, but caught myself in time. I am 1/3 of the way to my 21 day Sugarless Quest! Today I had a few chips, but next week, i am going to incorporate no "none sugar" junk foods.... which would eliminate chips, no matter how few, and other processed foods.
I must tell the truth, my body is dying from doing a three hour Kayak trip, not sure if my arms are still attached. i also ended up in the River twice.... both times i had to walk to the shore, dump the water out of the kayak and get back in........ thank goodness for my Buddy Jeff, gentlemen still exist in this world, i mean besides my husband :O). he stayed with me, and helped me empty my kayak. my co workers, and the boss i have are incredible. such beautiful people. So much more to say about Kayaking, but dang i think i'm gonna go to bed.... maybe i'll chat later............

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