Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day THREE........ was a four star day

yesterday was my third day of no added sugar. And other than a short time in the evening..... I did not miss it. my morning protien shake has 3 grams of sugar, plus the sugar from my frozen raspberries. that was breakfast, lunch was 3 oz of grilled fish and 1/2 cup of fresh cut pineapple, dinner was two slices of thin crust pizza, snack was light yogurt with raspberries. I drank tons of water.
I love my Krill oil, and a couple of months ago i started Bill on it. well he just saw his doctor today to get the results back from his lab work. before his Cholesterol was 346, sadly he hasn't changed his eating habits yet...... and i am not saying it WAS the Krill oil, but that is the only thing that has changed.... His Cholesterol is still high but it is 236, and that was only being on Krill a little less than a month. they gave him a Cholesterol medication to take for 30 days. He wants to try eating right and the Krill to see if the numbers can drop without using the medication. So i will keep you posted.
busy next couple of days for me......... heading to work soon, then i have to work the concession stand at the football game, just to come home to sleep, and start again on friday..... work, football game, home late........... :0).
Have a blessing filled day

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