Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survived day II

Well yesterday another day with no added Sugar, didn't realize how many sweets was in this house.... until i looked, i am EVEN living with Oreo cookies in the house and did not have one!!! they are in the house for a recipe that the kids love, "Dirt", cool whip, chocolate pudding, oreo's and gummy worms. yesterday was easier than the day before, so i am hoping that today will follow the same pattern. One more day of just focusing on Sugar, and then i will start to focus on more simple carbs, i had a baked red potato, and a little mashed potato yesterday and 6 tortilla chips. and i did have pasta last night.... Actually i need to focus on portion sizes before i focus on simple carbs. I notice the Lapband is finally starting to tolerate a little more food, so I may call and change the date for me fill, especially if i am decreasing my Cardio cause of my foot issues.
Today i go to work, and i am hoping that it is a decent day........ we shall see, what will be will be.
Have a great day folks

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