Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yesterday NO SUGAR, Nada, Nothing, Zip. I should actually say no added sugar because there are alot of natural foods that have natural sugars, but damn.... i am talking about a bite of Blueberry coffee cake, a small chunk of chocolate, a sliver of homemade apple pie, a taste of rice crispy treat or a chocolate Zinger.......... My lapband prevents me from sitting down and eating alot of any of the above, but it doesn't stop me from "tasting" it all day long :0(. And this is where i have to be accountable.
I was going to eat strictly just veggies and lean protein yesterday. BUT i figured that would be too hard right now and set me up for failure. So for three days i will focus on No SWEET treats.
I still have my shake which is low sugar, with some frozen berries. i am not doing any type of bread, my carbs are some fruit and a type of potato. *not french fries either. I did eat more low fat cheese yesterday, because i'd grab a chunk of that when i really wanted the apple pie. so today i'll be more in tune with my 3 hour rule. (*using my alarm on my watch)
You see, my foot isn't doing the greatest, and i know soon here my Cardio is going to get cut back. This weekend we surprised my dear friend Kellie in Ohio by attending the Chairi Walk. it was only a 5k, however it was on a paved road, and i still feel it!! I have two options, i either stop hiking and postpone surgery for 10 or more years...... or I get my foot fixed. it is a no brainer.... hiking, being out on those trails are a part of my heart and soul. Until i figure out if/when surgery is going to occur i will just bike a little more than I hike. Well i should figure out what i am going to do in the exercise department now....... i also babysit today and i have to take my son Sam to get fitted for a leg brace (*injured in football)
Have a blessed day

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