Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Faith

A quote i used on Facebook today:
Go ahead burn a Bible.... the Word lives in my heart......... burn an American pride for this country lives in my soul. These can't be touched. my boss is Muslim, and i am pretty sure his faith in God isn't going to change with a burning of words on paper... the man that wants to burn the Qur'an wants attention.... and that is what he is getting :0(
this spring it will be two years since i started working for a Muslim Doctor.... and i am learning so much. I was curious about his religion and was asking him a lot of questions... he picked me up a simple book for me to read......... I loved reading the book. You see the Islam faith do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God......... Jesus Christ is the heart of my Faith! Learning about other Religions, has not hurt my Faith, but my Love for Jesus has strengthened.
Of course Dr. C (my boss) is still a man with human flaws as WE all are flawed, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. It doesn't matter. There are extremest in all religions, not the majority BUT the minority.... look at the White supremacy Christians too. The Christian extremist that killed and murdered for centuries....... Religion has been the influence of War since the beginning of time. and will be so until the end of time :0(.
Dr. C believes that he is put on earth to help mankind, hmmm, that is what i believe too. I was thinking not too long ago ....... the people that touch my life in a way that made me want to live more like what I feel Jesus stands for........ happen to be one Christian Minister ( pastor Tom), and three Muslim Drs. (Dr. Chaudhary, Dr. Ahmed, and Dr. Jabir) .
I am a born again Christian, Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I can learn from the Islam and Buddhist religion, I can honor my Faith by respecting others.
okay so enough of this, i could go on and on today for some reason......however i must get to work..... there is tons to do and i am going early... then i go directly to work the concession stand at the Junior high football game..... won't be home until 9 or 10 tonight
Have a wonderful day....


Kim said...

I have to agree with what you have said here. I also have to admit that there was a time when I lumped all people of the Muslim faith into one group. But not anymore. I met wonderful people of the Muslim faith in Pittsburgh and I spent 2 weeks in the Middle East in January. I didn't know what to expect on that trip, considering how the media always tells us how much we, as Americans, are hated in other countries. I can only speak to my experience, but I can tell you that as an American Christian, I was welcomed with open arms and almost given a status of honor. I was overwhelmed. I have learned that they are people like us....working for a living, raising their babies, and trying to put food on the table. I don't believe as they do, but I respect them. They are not, as you have said, all extremists. Respecting them does not affect my faith in Christ. In fact I think it honors Him. Thanks for a timely reminder. I hope all is well with you and your family. Kim

Sandi said...

Kim, pleasant surprise to hear from you! Thank you for the comments..... i am learning and growing so much. Family is good. only one left in school. Katie and Drew both going to IUP, both working alot.... and Sammy.. well he is Sammy ;0),
Blessings to you, hope all is well with you.


Kim said...

Glad to hear that all is well. Hard to believe you have 2 kids in college. Everything is good here. I moved back to Howard 2 months ago and am very content with my decision. My place here is HUGE compared to the Pittsburgh apartment. I feel like I actually have a home again. I forgot how important that was to me. (Chris, could fall off the exercise ball in a whole other room and on a whole other floor!) Plus, being back nearer to my family is a good thing. Pittsburgh was fun, but there's no place like home. My email is the same and I am on Facebook. If you get time, drop me a line. Take care!

Kellie said...

Sandi, I love your attitude and love you GF! Hope to see yo some time soon. I need to get over the walk then maybe we can arrange something<3