Thursday, April 30, 2009

Katie ~Vicodin~ Injured shoulder, i am just sayin'

okay first the smile is deceiving, it is actually the Vicodin smiling, cause let me tell you, when it isn't working she is miserable.
those who know Katie well, know that Katie is umm how should i say... accident prone!!! i mean she falls walking up the steps, she fall's if she is chewing gum and walking at the same time..... heck she's even known to "fall" while she was sitting down... don't ask~ well yesterday she decided to go to gymnastics, not sure what happened... but she injured her shoulder.... it was swollen pretty bad, and the X Ray doesn't show a break, but let me tell you i won't be surprised if i get a call when a second person reads the XRay, .. i really really think it is broke.... (the collar bone). well regardless it will be the same treatment, But let me tell you........ she can't move well, can't dress herself, i touch her shoulder and she crys... Katie isn't dramatic with pain esp cause she is hurting herself all the time..... so i know something isn't right. I'll keep her on the Vicodin for a few days, rest, immobilization, ice....... and we shall see. i'd much rather it be a broken bone than something with the rotater cuff, and ligaments of the shoulder... time will tell. surprisingly she isn't being bitchy, she just crys quietly when she moves around or gets bumped. Patti she says she'll be ready by the time you get here, that is if we ever "include" her. not like "last" time.
Okay tomorrow i go for my fill/adjustment. i can honestly say i am not nervous or worried, and actually looking forward to having the band work with me. tomorrow liquids again, the next day pureed, the next day mechanical soft........ and then i resume regular textured foods again. I will let you know how it goes........


Kellie said...

(((Katie))) I am so sorry you hurt. Take it easy and take care of yourself. Remember you ARE the Princess!!!!! Just sayin. Sandi take care. Love yans!!!

Patti's Parlor said...

Ouch! Yes Katie will be included. When we go hiking she can do the uphill and I'll do the downhill. And then Johnny. She can run on the treadmill and do walking lunges while I get the "after" massage! Oh, I'm having a good time already!!!!!