Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've been doing it all wrong.....

gee, why have i bothered to put so much time and effort into losing this weight and getting healthy?? I was up early this morning, which mean i was able to watch those Infomercials ~ one, i join this club for 25 month, and i will lose all the weight, i will eat all the foods i am eating now... and get this........... NO EXERCISE, so i eat all i want, don't exercise.. and bam i am thin. and the other thing even makes fun of the surgery, didn't need to do that either, instead i could spend mega bucks for a special shake that fills up 1/4 of your stomach, so you just have a little space left for your meals you eat....... and why did i go through the surgery??? it wasn't just the infomercials that were a hoot, i witnessed a commercial that put regular soda pop and vitamins and antioxidants together..... "drink all the soda you want, and get your vitamins too"!!! and here i am trying to eat veggies, and lean proteins and fruits to get my vitamins... gee i've got it all wrong........ :0).
Today was weigh in day and i've dropped 4 pounds.......... yeah i am thrilled, and i will try not to get on the scale until next Tuesday...... besides, i am sure the great surge of weight loss is coming to an end. it was great while it lasted, ..... now they say i should lose about 3 pounds a week for the next few months... i know i am starting to up my Cardio, and in two more weeks, i'll be adding johnny again.... the big jump has helped my body so much, i can tell when i am walking now..... I love my journey. well i am going to head to work for a meeting for about an hour, and then Katie and I may take the little girl she babysits for somewhere.... and then home for the afternoon.. hopefully

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