Sunday, April 05, 2009

Katie made me feel so good

okay let me explain, cause Katie would never make me feel good on purpose~i am just sayin'. She came home late last night after a long day of working both of her jobs.. she looked at my jammie bottoms and accused me of taking HER jammie bottoms. now understand Kate is a size 8. she didn't beleive me, she finally found her jam's in her hamper. she forgot that 2 years ago we bought matching jammies. sadly they didn't have my size , so in my dream i thought i'd get the size 18, and maybe someday.......someday i'd wear them, it never happened, until YESTERDAY!!! and they fit very comfortably too, with some room. now i know not all 18's will fit me yet....... but still i will celebrate that these 18 pants fit!! yeah.........
And the weekend is winding down. today was a busy day too.... went to church at my old church for Paige's baptism. what a beautiful little girl, and she was so good and then went to her little party afterwards~ the afternoon was dedicated to Bill as I haven't spent much time with him lately, and he worked so much this we just chilled.
I did well at the party, i had 2 tablespoons of Christina's cheesy potato's mashed and i had 3 small bites of cheesecake.... i was fine. the food didn't bother me at all. actually it was nice not to focus on the wonderful food there..... later on i came home and had 1/4 c of refried beans seasoned with taco seasons, 2 tbs of cheese, heated until melted with Tbs. of light sour cream..... yummy........ and Supper was 3 oz of fish and 1/4 c of mashed potato's and ff gravy. oh and breakfast i pulled out of the freezer one little serving of my Quiche i made yesterday . That is it, i wasn't hungry at all today, ..... it feels good to eat food that, how do i say it......... stays in my tummy for a while. now i have 24 ounces of water to drink before i better get to it......
have i mentioned yet that i am feeling so good.... OH OH OH...... i almost forgot.... i couldn't figure out why last night i woke up in the middle of the night with such bad stomach pain..... i couldn't figure out what i have done wrong. or what could be wrong........ well go figure..... my 28 day "schedule" did not get altered by surgery..... and so the cramping begins. gee usually i retain water/weight at this time of the month ..... if that is the case am i going to have another big dip on the scale...... time will tell

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Kellie said...

OMGawd Sandi I am soooooooo happy for you!!!! I remember when I was able to wear a size 18 for the first time in years. I did get down to a 16 but not for long. I am still in the 18's BTW. I know you are going to be even smaller than a 18 by the time June is here! WhooHoo maybe Bill will take you shopping for some secret PJ's just sayin!
Love ya
Hey, BTW it is snowing here like mad Blizard like! I can't see my fence from the kitchen window. They said 3 inches so it had better stop soon!