Thursday, April 16, 2009

plugging away

plugging away at my health, plugging away at work, plugging away at home........ that seems to be what i've been doing. Now my life seems to be getting into the routine of being Post lapband client~ i am doing so well, I can't quite figure out if i am working with the band, or the band is working with me, if that makes any sense. i am quickly adding foods without any complications, i can eat thin crust like tortilla, flat bread, etc. well chewed. i can eat lean ground beef, i am even able to tolerate pasta. i don't eat much, occasionally i feel a slight pressure in the center of my chest~ but i have yet to push the envelope, to see what i can tolerate before it makes a backwards exit. I haven't tried fresh veggies or fruits yet. They say that I won't "feel" the band work for me until after a "fill, or adjustment". right now i need to focus only on 3 meals a day. along with my protein shakes and the extra fluid i am drinking....... but i am finding it is just becoming a way of life......
I've been really busy learning my new job, i come home tired but content. i think i am going to like it~ alot of thinking and problem solving, a lot of pt interaction....... hmm wonder why God is taking me this direction..... guess i need to TRUST Him. He knows me better than i know me!!! i work tomorrow until 5 pm and then the weekend off..... weekend's have more meaning now that i am back to work.
At home, i am catching up on house work, dealing with a 17 year old that is really testing me. i don't feel the need to Nap anymore, but by the end of the day....... my head hits the pillow...... and i sleep!!! i wake up at 5:30 am refreshed....... i wish i could sleep until 7am...... but the dang internal clock of mine is stuck at 5:30a
well i know Bill and i are going grocery shopping tonight, so i need to see if Christina is up for a walk now........ maybe i'll get on later,

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