Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~morning start~

yesterday i decided to move my bedroom around~ a trait i learned from my mother(* for a fresh look rearrange the furniture) Funny we've had this bedroom added on 4 years ago, and i never once thought i could put the bed were i did..... along the wall facing the country side.. this is a picture i just took when i opened my eyes...., what a way to start the day! in the photo you can't tell, but the plowed fields are just starting to turn green. this morning the sky is thick with clouds, that are actually traveling pretty fast across the sky. I turn on Joyce Meyer this morning, and what does she talk about? She was talking about how the first few moments in the morning can lay the track work for the rest of your day. How true that is, If i wake up anxious, stressed, worried about my job, worried about relationships, worried about my health, dreading the busy schedule, dreading the "not enough hours" in the day~ that seems to show thru the rest of the day! So if even before i get out of bed, I take time to meditate, talk with God, enjoy the view out my window.. that too will set the pattern for how i deal with things through out the day. Everyone has stressors in their lives, everyone has road blocks, everyone has "curves" thrown at them during the day. I am not saying if you get in the correct mindset in the morning........ the day will be perfect with out issues...... I am saying, it is how we confront the issues that will make the difference.
Today is a Johnny day for Chris and I, so i am trying to get everything done this morning, figure out what i am going to have for dinner, get my laundry finished........ cause i am going directly from work to the gym., and then i will come home, i am thinking about a crock pot meatloaf, and roasted potato's and salad...
I forgot that i yesterday was my weigh in....... so i did this morning, and i dropped another 2 pounds. I think friday will be my fill it will mean liquids for a day, pureed for a day, and mushies for a day.... they say it takes some people 3 or 4 adjustments/fills before a Lap band person reaches the "sweet spot" (* you can eat enough food to keep you satisfied for a few hours, but you do not get sick) for the past 2 weeks i've noticed that All the swelling from surgery has gone down, and right now i am not using the Lapband............ i can eat just about everything..... bread seems to be my only problem. and i could prob eat alot if i allowed myself too. like i've said before, the Lapband is not magic..... it will NOT work, unless i WORK with it. i am looking forward to starting a new level of work out with Johnny....... it will be a long time until i get to where Chris is....... but that is okay....... i am sure knowing Johnny, tomorrow if i am released completely.... He isn't going to push me to level 2 to 10 overnight...... i'll trust his knowledge, so i don't injure myself
Well i am not going to get things done sitting on this computer.. so i best get my butt moving. Have a great day today.....after all a Good day is in your control.

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