Monday, April 27, 2009

Ahhhh Patti's back

finally got to check in with her today~ it was good talking to you Patti. Looking forward to seeing you soon........ sitting on the porch, heading to Amish country for lunch with the guy that plays the guitar, just maybe you could talk Bill and Katie to go back to the "haunted" house... Bill has been practicing with his wing recipe. maybe a walk on a trail or two......... and just maybe, just maybe a Johnny workout at the gym on Sunday morning ......bring work out gear just in case :0). He has been there every Sunday but one, but who knows his schedule...
I am thoroughly enjoying my job....... and as i get more comfortable, it seems to get better!!! the Doctor is giving me more responsibility, and i like that.
I am working on keeping stressors out of my life........ and at times i find it difficult, cause life happens!!! I've said this before, Peace isn't going to come knocking down my door......... it isn't just going to happen... it is something that i've made a conscious effort to find. that is why i get along so well with my X husband. that is why i enjoy my jobs so much... cause i have chosen this path. and i am constantly asking God to help me keep my soul calm and peaceful! it is a task that i have to work on every day of my life!!!
Christina and I went Hiking today, i cannot tell a was so dang hot, and for the last mile and 1/2 it was an up hill walk....... it was actually painful for me, the heat really bothered me, not my feet, my knees nor my legs.... i was never so happy to see the car as i was today.., i was dizzy and nauseous....... and i whined and whined...... and Christina was ever so patient....... Let me tell you...... she is really getting into shape... i don't even know if she is aware of it...... i know by seeing her on Sunday. Johnny has really upped her workout........ me... not yet, and prob won't for a few more weeks. John is determined that i will not injure myself or my surgery.......... good smart boy!!!
Well i think i will go get a cool bath, and get ready to watch a little TV
love and blessings

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Patti's Parlor said...

I enjoyed our 'visit' too. I'm so looking forward to going to Amish country for lunch in the little cafe with the singing man and Chris mentioned maybe going to a winery. Not to be confused with Whine-ery! And Boogie Man Wings and I'm even looking forward to cooking you dinner, imagine that?!?! Johnny, hmmm, not so much, but bring it on. I'll let him torture me......