Sunday, April 19, 2009

break over~~~~~>

So this morning Christina and I head to Johnny's. and i must admit, i felt better than I thought i would. of course i did nothing that would involve me bending or twisting my waist. What a smart smart trainer, he really is. he was so cautious, he must have asked me a dozen times, are you feeling okay, do you hurt any where...... at one point he said this isn't a time for heroics, so if i felt even a twinge i was to discontinue with the exercise immediately. He also sent me to the bike after every set of exercises, making it more of a cardio day for me. He adjusted every exercise to fit post surgery. he said he was beginning the abdominal strengthening process just by standing in proper alignment!!! I have NO idea what he had Christina do, i just know by the time we got to the car she was pouring with sweat.... and I heard him, lets say, "talk" to her several times. He'd like us to train with him tuesday and sunday....... and come and do one of the programs he sets up for us on friday. I guess he wants to take this head start i've had and run with it. so 3 days of weight training, and at least 4/5 days of power walking/hiking. So i BETTER make sure i am taking my protein....and all of it!
they say technically Lap band recipients don't feel the restriction/ or as many say, the sweet spot until there are a couple of adjustments. I'll prob be getting my first one on May 1st.
I think my weight will begin to drop more realistically now. but still a little more than avg. (3lbs instead of 1 or 2 lbs a week) I am not going to lie, this is a hard adjustment to make. I have lost about 10lbs a week for 4 weeks...... (averaged out). and of course that can't keep going...... so i do have to work again on my mindset that 1-3 lbs is dang awesome. ;^).
I've been thinking alot about Melody and my promise I've made to her, and i still wonder why is it after all these years, i am still so attached?? i mean the day i went into surgery i wore my Melody Mile tee shirt with an Eagle soaring above the mountains!!! I WILL be giving her the 10 mile hike this fall. i just know it.
I am content and at Peace with my life ... that doesn't mean it is easy, It's nice to know that I am where i am supposed to be.... with my job, my family...... and i don't have to worry about anything else.... cause i just know that God's got my back!
Well i am here at Kiski, I have 2 more days scheduled before the end of the school year... and then i may stay on to fill in once in a while when the nurse needs me which would be prob a couple evenings a year.

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