Tuesday, April 07, 2009

continue downward

today was my official weigh in... and again i am down 6 pounds , and again not even counting the first ten pounds that I gained and lost due to surgery...... that makes a 30 lb weight loss! i am assuming this large weekly loss will be coming to an end, and i should start seeing a 1 to 3 pound weekly loss now! and i am more than fine with that too. but i must say this added (mid weight loss) jump start was nice. And gee i haven't even started back up with my brother Johnny yet.....and can't for 3 more weeks. time is flying though, so i know it will be here soon enough.
Well i am leaving in an hour to go spend a day at my new job..... i won't be home until after 5 pm. but i gotta get back into the grove thing... and i need to drink my protein shake, eat my quiche, and pack my lunch so can't stay long on here....... maybe I'll stop in later


Patti's Parlor said...

Insert :ticker tape parade: emoticon!

Jay said...

Man, ain't you the poster girl for "Go! Go! Go!" I am absolutely over the moon gobsmacked for you!

And I may need to move to western PA just so I can undergo Johnny's training regimen because I'm sure that's helped.