Sunday, April 26, 2009


well anybody that knows my life, i don't have too much silence, i have 4 teenage children, and half the time they have their friends with them. So it was quite interesting to go to a Silent Retreat. quite interesting...... but i must say, i went with an open mind and totally enjoyed my day. they used several techniques to help us get into a peaceful, mindful calmness.. silent meditation, yoga, relaxing music, poetry. The first 3 minutes we were just to sit and decide what where and how we wanted this day to go, Obviously if i have quiet time, i usually spend it talking to God...... after 3 minutes i jotted this down, cause it quite surprised me

"~God came with me today, He was silent too! I tried to talk to Him, but He said to just BE in his presence today~"

it was a wonderful afternoon in silent prayer and meditation. I didn't tackle my problems, or ask Him for anything, or complain, or apologize,.......... none of that. I just enjoyed hanging with God!!! I think Steven Curtis Chapman sings a song the title is " Be still and Know i am God" that is what I did!!! So i sat in a room with Born again Christians, Muslims, Nuns, etc.......... it was quite a beautiful day.....

getting ready to head to Johnny's , and then i think I'll go to Church... Chris is having a cookout that we'll be going to......... and then i think i am going to Chill for the rest of the afternoon.

I notice that my stomach has healed completely and i am READY for my first adjustment/fill. although i am doing well, i do not have the restriction i had when my tummy was swollen........ that will be this Friday. wow time flies. but i don't think it could come any sooner.

have a beautiful day today folks

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