Thursday, April 09, 2009

Okay i peeked........

i cannot tell a lie, i just had to get on the scale today. I can't help it :0) This weight loss is blowing my mind.... I've dropped 5 more pounds. I haven't been in the (50's) and its not the 150's lol. for a long long time, prob 5 or 6 years. I keep going through things to make sure I am doing this right... i am drinking 9 ~8oz glasses of water. 3 protein shakes =90+ grams of protein and i am eating 3 meals a day mainly fish or beans, oh and the "pureed pizza". I don't even nap right now. I've been busy with work and like today...... worked my new job, then came to Kiski to work the second job....... I'll get home after 11 pm. I am not finding myself hungry right now~ not like i was those first 2 weeks.... very soon like Monday i will start eating normal foods, i gotta try those WASA rye crisps that Patti was talking about. i have whole wheat low carb tortilla just waiting for some turkey and arugula c spice brown mustard.....

I work tomorrow at S'eclairer, and i just hope i can catch on, i think i am going to like it. time will tell. I do this every time, i get nervous about my job...... instead of trusting that if God put me there, then He will make sure i will figure it out. and again i keep repeating, if something happens then it wasn't meant to be........ This is the most unique psychiatrist office i ever worked at...... and to some, they may think it is very odd~ they believe in meditation, prayer, yoga, healthy food, exercise... in observance, i see the Doctor treats the Lawyer exactly like he treats the "man living on the streets". and actually we as the staff, are not allowed to disrespect ANYONE, even behind closed doors. I think he is Muslim, and i know he embraces my Christian Faith, and i respect him for that. if you would like to just get a glimpse into this very unique doctors office...... check out the site

90 more minutes and i can crawl into bed........ ummm a warm comfy bed....... sounds good to me.
oh and does anyone have a good chicken salad recipe ??? made with light mayo??? just askin'

oh , oh, and Jay thanks for such a sweet compliment, you can be a Golden Girl anytime !

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Jeanine said...

Try chicken salad with a tiny bit of light mayo, walnuts, celery and maybe a few golden raisins. Then add curry powder. YUM-O!