Friday, April 24, 2009

murder in a small town

our little town is in shock, last night, 3 women where murdered at their place of business........ no facts yet, and as of today it appears that maybe another family member was to blame.(the 3 women were related) this is not the way of life we are used too......... i guess if we lived in certain parts of Philly, or parts of New York City........ this happens!!! its like a slap in the face to wake up to reality..... I wonder if when it is said and done..... was it senseless death because of the economy??? it was a family run/owned business.... for a while paranoia sets in, the schools functioned under lock down today. Neighbors are keeping an eye on each other, families are hugging each other a little tighter...... Yeah living in a small town, everyone knows your business..... not always a good thing. But watching a small town come together during a tragedy, nothing like it!!!
I went to bed and fell asleep at 8pm tonight....... i feel good all day, and get so tired at night........ not a bad thing. i just woke up a little after 10 pm, decided to blog, and go back to bed. tomorrow i plan on going to the Retreat given by S'eclairer tomorrow..... its 9 to 3. I must say i really really am beginning to love this job. i am just so happy and content at this time :0). oh and speaking of which, i tried to eat bread for the first time today........ not a good idea, not a good idea at all..... so first food that i cannot eat.....Bread~~~ i am just sayin'!!!
Today was my one day off........ plan on hiking tomorrow, and then we work out with Johnny Sunday......... still feeling good and strong..... planning on going to Church on Sunday..... it will be nice to listen to pastor Tom again, it's been a while. Hey Debbie and Christina, is it okay to sit near you guys if i promise to shower first???
well good night....... anxious to write about the "silent retreat " that i am going to ....

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