Saturday, April 04, 2009

overdosed on activity....sorta

okay yesterday was a big day for me, and a very loooooong day! i spent exactly 1 hour and 6 minutes at home. after my appointment and "lunch out" i came home, blogged, sat down for 30 minutes and then out the door..... i didn't get home until 11 pm. Katie and I picked up a little girl she babysits for, we took her out to eat she wanted Dairy Queen, (why i don't know) they had burgers and fries, i had a little baby ice cream while i watched them eat.. then we went for groceries....... ran home literally threw the stuff in it's place, and back out the door in just a few minutes. we went to the High School Play, Saltsburg was performing Beauty and the Beast.... one word......AWESOME!!!!. it was actually a first rate production, i loved it...... i came home to Sammy and 2 of his friends.. and a messy house. oh well, he didn't watch the puppy too she proceeded to eat two of Katie's summer flip flops......her favorites. and no Izzy didn't eat just one pair......... she was nice enough to eat two different shoes.......... what a long day 9am-11pm
Bad idea....... i didn't drink much yesterday, and didn't eat much...... i tried to eat a little before bed...... but i just couldn't, so i ended up eating a diet fortified pudding. i woke up in the middle of the night with bad belly pain..... not from surgery....... it feels more like muscle/rib pain and lower abdominal pain, again not my tummy..... more intestinal. actually i had no problem with the one meal, and it kept me full for quite a while.
Tomorrow i may go to Johnny's to ride the bike while Chris is getting beat up. My doctor said i could.... I can do the bike, treadmill, elliptical. i cannot use my abdominal muscles until May 1st. The doctor said if my trainer can work with me without using my stomach than i can do that. Well Johnny is all about Core weight training..... every exercise he has me do, is stabilized by using my abdominal muscles.... so i will have to wait...
well i better go get my fluids started, i do not want a repeat of yesterday. also it is Caleb's birthday party i will prepare what i am going to take for myself to eat. also want to make the quiche i am allowed to have now..... this evening Bill works his second job... so then i can chill.
i also gotta call Kimmie, we haven't chatted in a while... but i saw she did stick up for me on facebook when my brother Doug said he took my mom and dad on vacation with him (mom and dad have been dead for years)
well i really do have to go........... drink and eat.......
love and blessings

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Kim said...

Your brother Doug cracks me up on Facebook!

And I do miss ya, but I know you're busy, and I am fine, so call when you can!! Can't wait for the GG reunion! Love ya!