Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well i have one more day left with Kiski, and that will be May 12th. its funny knowing that my "season" with Kiski is coming to an end... i suddenly feel like, i can't wait for it to end.... funny i didn't feel that way until the other job found me..... and now this job is my new beginning!!! Nurses are leaving Kiski that have been there since 1968..... but nothing stays the same forever!!! I am thrilled that God seems to know what is good for me even when i don't. i thought I'd be at Kiski forever. after 20 years of Nursing this is my first job that i will not work evening shift, i will not work weekends or holidays, its kinda of weird when someone asks me about doing something on a weekend in June...... heck i don't even have to wonder what my schedule is...... although there will be 3 or 4 Saturdays that i am "required' to help with or attend. these are retreats and such that S'eclairer offers their patients.
A dear friend of mine (Molly) several years ago gave me a couple of writings that talked about friendship~ one of these papers talk about the seasons and types of friends..... and i am realizing how true this is. There are people that have come in and out of my life briefly but ferociously... friends that still made a profound difference in my life..... even those that crossed my path for a weekend or a day. And then I have a friend like Christina........ that i know will always be in my life in some way, even 20 years from now.. there are friends that i haven't talked to in years, but the friendship bond is still there, and we can pick up right where we've left off! There are friends with whom i've lost contact over the years and will prob not see again....... i guess this is life, and it works this way for everyone. I do not regret any of these friendships however brief or long... each person came to my life for a reason, for a purpose for a season. Not all friendships are meant to last forever, Not all friendships are meant to be brief........ I guess my job is to accept change..... accept the seasons as they come and Trust God to help me with the changing of the seasons.
On the Lapband front. i am still feeling wonderful, have had no complications......... Christina and I went to the gym yesterday. we walked 4 miles on Tuesday, and we plan on walking 4 miles today. Friday if we can't figure out a time to get to the gym, we "should" maybe walk again. i am eating fine, and have no problems with any food, which i expect being that i have yet to be adjusted.
Well today i go to work at 9am so i really should get my butt moving.
Beautiful weather is being planned for PA. so i plan on enjoying the beautiful sun and the fresh air. with all the rain we've had, and now the sun and warmth....... i think Spring will hit in full force this weekend.... i see Green!!!


Chris said...

Well said! I have visions of us in our 80's and beyond (hopefully) and our kids are just shaking their heads at us........sorta like they do now! Hahaha!!

Chris said...

P.S. LOVE the puppy pic!!!!