Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~>what I NEED not what I think I WANT

my title is a topic on the "enjoying everyday life" with Joyce Meyer this morning. i so enjoy my early morning... enjoying the sunrise, sipping my coffee (that hubby brings) in bed, and watching Joyce. .... can't get better than that :0).
I realize there is a big difference in "needing" and "wanting". I trust that God gives me what I need. so many times I would waste time and energy fretting on what I think i need/want. i spent so much time dreamily looking on the other side of the fence....... you know where the grass is greener!!! So and so had a better job with more money, so in so can eat anything they want and stay so skinny. so in so's husband cooks dinner every night, and her husband gets her flowers ALL the time! So and so isn't tied down by kids, can get up and travel with out making it a major plan with what do i do with the kids and how do they get here and there while i am gone. A long time ago, when I gave over my life to God...... Faith stepped in. and as I get older, i find that i lean more heavily on my Faith! I just know that i am where i am supposed to be, I know that my future is taken care of, i know my past is forgotten. So more and more i am noticing what is on my side of the fence.........I have ALL that I need, not what I think i WANT! and guess what, my grass is pretty darn green. I am enjoying living my "simple" life, I'd love not having a mortgage, yeah it sure would be nice to hit the lottery, but i don't NEED it.!! sure there are times that i'd love a quiet house, But i wouldn't trade the noise, and warmth of having the house filled with teenagers! Peace surrounds me, and my home, Yeah it would be so cool to never have a weight problem, but that would mean that I would have never met some dear friends, speaking of one of these friends, Hi Patti, you'll be here in 10 days and some odd hours. I NEVER wanted to be a divorce statistic. but God even blessed that to work out for me sending me Bill, who was the perfect piece to the puzzle called my family, and that not only included me and the kids, but my X husband and his family. So as it stands........ I have everything i NEED, oh yeah there are several WANTS, but i will try really hard to sort out my Wants and Needs..........

well i am going over to my work for group therapy, and then Christina will pick me up and i think we will go directly to Conemaugh for a very nice hike, Johnny tomorrow, ..... it is a beautiful day, and i plan on enjoying it!!!

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Patti said...

10 days! Yikes.
I'm soooooo excited!