Monday, May 11, 2009

okay, now to explain

the day before i was to go to Gettysburg with the local school, i decided to call the office where Andrew had an appointment. Being that Drew's dad was in Erie, and i'd be in Gettysburg... i wanted to know if i needed to sign anything and fax it over... well the office said either I or The dad HAD to be there....... i said what if we get a notarization that the grandparents can take him........answer NO, okay Bill his step dad would take him, after all he is the carrier of the insurance, and He pays the bills......... answer NO, okay i'll come now and sign the papers........ answer NO...... so no other option.... i hated doing it at the last minute, but i had to call the school and tell them i could not go. If i didn't stay home, Andrews necessary surgery would have and could have been postponed several months..... There was really not an option on my part, i just felt so bad, reliability is very important to me, and i hated putting the school in a predicament. Andrew is scheduled for major facial surgery on May 27th they will cut into his upper jaw, and into his sinus cavity and pull it forward 8 mm's, and then they will cut his lower jaws and remove two portions and push it inward......... He is excited!!!
We had unexpected company this weekend. Bill's sister and brother in law from South Carolina came up because Bills mom isn't doing that well, the sister decided to just drive up on thursday...... she stayed with Us. it was a really nice visit. quite busy yet relaxing if that is even possible.
Sunday was a double header for me~ birthday and mothers day. lets see i got several trees to plant, house cleaned, lunch made, visit from my brother with a cake in tow. a couple hours of alone time, movies watched, and my day ended with my youngest making me a sugar free pudding/ whipped topping, fresh strawberries dessert brought to me in bed to enjoy while i was watching "the sound of music". last week Katie took me out for lunch and bought me not one, but two purses........ it was a good day...
This should be my last busy busy week for a long time, because tuesday is my last scheduled day at Kiski Prep. and Sat i am helping with a retreat . which makes me work~ mon, tues, weds, thurs, fri and sat.. throw in a few work outs with Johnny and a handful of mom things to do..... i think it will be a busy week.
well i want to get things organized this morning before i head to work, so that when i do come home...... i can walk into a peaceful atmosphere..

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