Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No "sweet" spot yet......

well it has been a few days since my first band adjustment/fill. and as the swelling has gone down, i notice that although there is a slight difference, i will be needing another adjustment when i go back in June. I can tolerate pasta, and just about everything else. oatmeal is a no no, and yesterday i made fresh bread, and i tasted it ...... not a good idea..... funny i didn't get nauseated, or spit it up...... it like hit my intestines, and bam, stomach cramps and diarrhea. after 20 minutes I felt fine again..... this is a learning process, and even so i am finding the tools i learned over the year are very important in maintaining and continuing my weight loss journey. There has been a misconception that people who have this surgery are looking for an easy way out...... well i will verify that is no way true in the least. if i just wanted to rely on my band........ i would have gained back the approx 50 lbs i lost already. BUT because i am relying on exercise, proper portion control, meditation and prayer, mindful eating, chewing,......... i am able to continue with my weight loss and stabilization. while i wait to find the spot that my band is tight enough to feel full for a long time, but not too tight that i can't get my nutrients. Just like everything else, i am in no hurry.... the doctor wanted me back in 4 weeks, but they are backed up 6 to 7 weeks, he said just a very very very small percentage of people respond to the first fill.... it has to do more with the genetic makeup of your esophagus, and how your digestive tract moves, than anything else!! I think when they told me i couldn't get in until the end of June.. ..they were surprised I didn't get angry, they said many people get frustrated having to wait. I look at as a learning experience, more time to watch what, how much, and how fast I eat....... it is a good thing. Now understand, i am still not able to pig out like i used too, or even yesterday when i ate white bread, i didn't feel so well.... so there is some physical control there. But at least i won't be so restricted that i won't be able to tolerate any thing when Patti is here.. okay Patti, chances are i won't be able to enjoy the delicious Amish bread, but i will enjoy lunch with the man who serenades us while we eat, and i will be able to enjoy a few of Boogieman wings, .
Today i work until 3pm and then i'll go help Katie with her babysitting until 4 pm, and then bill and I will go grocery shopping..
tomorrow i leave the house at 5:30 am, and will return at 11pm. going with the school as the Nurse, to Gettysburg. long day.......... tons of walking, i will wear my pedometer to see about how much i may walk.... i looking back on the last time i went....... i notice that i weigh 75 lbs less than i did then. and as i recall i wasn't working out with Johnny........ so i KNOW that i will be feeling the difference. I will prob rely on a couple protein shakes, i do not plan on eating fast food, so i will pack a good appropriate lunch... chicken salad, wasa crackers, spinach leaves, strawberries, pecans, low fat cheese, and 2 hard boiled eggs.... sure sounds better than a double cheeseburger at McDonalds.
well i better get my butt moving......... make it a great day....... i plan on it.


Patti said...

23 days. Yikes! I'm so not ready for Johnny............
Looking forward to our visit more than I can say.

Jay said... your digestive tract moves... Some days like a freight train, some days like Amtrak. Go figure. :-)

I wonder if packing Ensure (in lieu of making your own) as a snack/stand in would work? Or is Ensure mostly carbohydrate and not much else? (Honestly can't recall as we don't have it over here.)

Jay said...

I should've said "some days like a freight train, some days like an Amish horse and buggy." Man I'm losing the touch.

Sandi said...

ah Jay you're not losing touch, really your're not!!!

Patti's Parlor said...

All those for finding Jay's touch say aye. :waving wildly: