Tuesday, May 19, 2009

opps its Tuesday<|> 5 mile hike<|> 2 months

okay i couldn't think of the title for this blog entry, so i thought i'd do three. first off, Christina reminded me that today was tuesday, and i weigh myself on tuesdays..... I lost 2 lbs. so i think i've lost in a month, what i was losing in a week when i first had surgery. which is a GREAT thing.... Megan insists that i look different every time i see her, i don't think it is that drastic anymore, but i will take the compliment.
I told Christina, we should work on 2 days hard work out at Johnny's, 2 hard hikes... like today!, and if able throw in two more walks, or one more walk, and one more weight training session. BUT we should try getting the 4 in for sure. Today we went to Conemaugh..... and i took her out on the trail a little over 2.5 miles. up the mountain side, and down the mountain side, and across two bridges that over look the river
and the hills for miles. absolutely beautiful!!!! i could have gone a little further but i realized that we had to turn around, and go back, and going back included a very steep hillside...... and when i say steep, i mean steep! my legs felt all rubbery, but i managed, and i managed quite well.
It has been two months today since i had Lap Band surgery. so far i consider it a complete success. I haven't had any regrets, well i think i may have said on Sunday i changed my mind, but that lasted only a minute. It has helped me in not eating as much at one sitting..... it does remind me to eat slow and deliberately. it really has been a fun journey so far.....
well so i blogged twice today......... maybe i won't have to tomorrow....
make it a good one
oh and the photo is of a tree, it seems that the wind and flood waters tore the bark right off of it, there is a piece of bark hanging on a vine .. it was just really cool to look at, the picture doesn't even begin to give it justice

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