Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is what my Son Corey made me for mother's day! I just got it yesterday, and i am thrilled. everyone who knows me knows how much I love my porch...... so i am sure i will be getting plenty of use with this chair. But more importantly, it means something cause my son was so proud of it. You see, Corey and I had been having issues, and several months ago things got really really bad! it was a really rough time..... and I had to do a lot of fighting with myself to not take things so personally. you see, God didn't give me Corey like he gave me the other kids.... 3 of them i gave birth to, But Corey was given to me when he was 12. still apart of God's plan..... still my son.......... we were Corey's 9th home, and when i took him, I gave him my word that i would keep him no matter what........... well, he's really tested me over the years........ i think he just wanted to see if I would really weather the teenage storms with him, or just let him go........ oh i wanted too lately, but i guess it just wasn't an option. Teenagers are difficult to begin with, that transition between child and adult, hormones out of wack........ emotions out of control..... so add the difficulties Corey was dealt for the first 12 years of his life...... well the waters have calmed, and we survived. Corey even admitted that he was being down right mean to me..... he admitted this to his Case workers too. we've been doing really well for about a month...... hopefully with every storm we weather out, our foundation gets stronger.. instead of crumble, and just maybe, just maybe...... a reinforcement has been added to Corey's very very fragile foundation....... and just maybe, by the Grace of God, Corey will be okay as an adult. His early childhood sucked, it sucked really bad.... but I don't want him living there, or using that as a cop out to deal with life..... it sucked, you can't go back..... deal with it, cry...... scream...... let it go........ and move on...... *Corey is okay with me talking about this just so you know, i want to respect his privacy so i didn't go into details about the issues..... and he may even talk about his life and his many homes on a local TV show in the future..... i'll let you know.


Patti's Parlor said...

I love, Love, LOVE the chair AND the fact that he MADE IT! WOW!!!!!
BTW, did you notice the ticker tracker thingy has moved into single digits?!?!

Kellie said...

That chair is amazing! Well an amazing chair for an amazing MOM! You are the best!