Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I REALIZE small changes*~*

I've been thinking, yes that may surprise many. But, I am lying in bed this morning thinking about my journey with the Lap Band. and for the entire journey, beginning last year, nothing has been sudden or drastic. It has been a slow and steady learning process. i keep blogging that i don't have restriction yet......... but in reality I DO!!!! I keep forgetting for almost an entire year before the surgery, i've been learning to eat slowly with smaller portions........ so there wasn't any sudden changes. i stopped drinking Soda Pop 9 months before surgery..... again no sudden change after the lap band.... 6 months before surgery i started concentrating on eating lean proteins first......... you got it no sudden change after lap band surgery....... 6 months before surgery i stopped drinking with meals and started waiting for an hour after............ So you get the picture.... Yesterday evening Bill, Me and the kids went out to eat...... I gave the kids the rolls that came with my meal, All four of Us shared my salad. I had fish and veggies........ i thought i left room for dessert at Rita's, i got a small gelati ...... don't forget i had the mindset that i am not restricted yet...... I ate 1/4 to 1/3 of the SMALL gelati...... Bill ate the rest!!!! I was done for the night. Sooooooooooooo looking back, and re-evaluating my eating... I AM RESTRICTED~~~ i am not so restricted that i can only eat a cup of food a day. but i am restricted in the sense, i eat a "normal" serving and i am comfortable. so i'll enjoy this stage, and we will see what will happen on June 27. .... there is a fat layer around my stomach, so as i continue to drop weight, i am losing it there too.... making my lapband feel loose..... my lap band has a lot of room for adjustments. ........ .
I am up early this morning.....want to have the house cleaned, prepare my stuffed shells, and be ready for work. Johnny wants to see me and Christina at 4:30 today I work until 3. Chris can you pick me up at home, as Katie is now driving again and will have the car for work. at least that is the plan???
It is a beautiful day..... not hot, not humid..... lots of sunshine, and fresh air......
Make it a good day........ Hugs to my GG's. gosh Chris, i haven't even had much contact with you and you are my neighbor...what is up with that????


Patti's Parlor said...

Ms. Sandi - do you know I'll be there two weeks from today.

Patti's Parlor said...

~hello,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, anybody home?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'll be there in 11 days, 5 hours and how many minutes?