Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter ???

Just before the sun set at like 4:30, i looked outside and there was so much snow, big huge flakes.....ground covered absolutely beautiful! So i made myself a cup of Holiday Chi spice tea w a little vanilla chi spice creamer.. delicious...... and i enjoyed the view for ten minutes before it turned totally dark out.

Still not sure what to make of the head ache it is there but dull, so hopefully a good nights sleep will do it. I actually have a day off tomorrow too.. and then its back to work tues, thurs, friday, saturday....... and then i see a break coming.......... cause Kiski will be on Thanksgiving Break for 10 days. so i'll just have the Methadone clinic to do.

Well i think i am going to try to call Kim and Patti this evening...... don't wait by the phone ........but i really am going to try.

Christina, no matter what the weather is like i am walking tomorrow, are you ????

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