Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I don't want to get into politics as it can be such a sore subject with many. But sometimes I wonder if we as a Nation take some responsibility as to who is in the Office.... after all we put them there! I know that sometimes it is difficult to find out what is going on as political parties tend to give half truths and partial lies about the opposing running mates. it is our responsibility to educate ourselves, know what are politicians vote for, know what they stand for. I was talking to someone the other day, and we were talking about one of the Senate seats..........she said that she'd be voting for _______ , and I said Why? and she said, oh i don't know he's been there for over 20 years.............she was a sweet older lady, she just said she votes for the most familiar names on the ballot.
I know who i plan on voting for, and I hope and Pray that He wins. But if He doesn't than I will respect who does win. and I Will honor the position that he has, and I will with an open mind, give him a chance and see what he does........... because you know what? I'd want the same chance if i were in his shoes.

I know ultimately that God IS in control, and as long as i keep my eyes on Him and trust in Him. I will be okay!

Now about last night, it was actually quite interesting. I took a nice soaking bath at home, put on my jammies, took my bed pillows with me, and headed to the Sleep center.... got there for 9pm.... I was taken to a room that resembled a hotel room, answered a hundred questions, and then ............. the process began......... first long wiring with a censor on the bottom threaded through my shirt and Jammie bottoms to each of my ankles, wrapped with Velcro straps. then a double lead EKG sticky one to my rt chest one under my left arm.......... and the sticky sensors placed around my eyes, my chin, my mouth, and then another sound sensor placed on my throat. two sensor bands placed on and around my upper chest and my mid abdomen region. 4 yes i said 4 small prongs placed up my nostrils, wiring tucked behind my ears. also a small sensor hanging from the nasal contraptions placed so that it is directly over my mouth . okay now came the tedious part the Sleep tech, started scrubbing several (and i mean several) area on my scalp, it actually hurt, and one by one he put on a EEG sensor i am not sure how many 15, 20 who knows?........... and then after watching an informative video (instead of the Monday night football game). i got tucked in, told to relax...............and go to sleep........ um yeah right........i feel like Dr. Jekyll's science experiment, hooked up to everything....... BUT the bed was really comfy, and from all the physical activity the day before, i fell asleep pretty quickly, didn't even seem to mind cameras on me all night. I did wake up a few times...... not sure how many. One time i remember waking up to a coughing jag. but i seemed to roll over and go back to sleep. There were no clocks in the room so i wasn't sure what time it was, but the last time i woke up i just knew it was between 5am-6am.... i woke up wide awake, and felt pretty good. spoke out to the tech.......and told him, hey it's gotta be after 5am, i am ready to wake up. The time was 5:21am.......... it took him about 15 minutes to unhook me, and i was on my way, made it home in time to bath, pack my breakfast AND lunch... and make it to work before 7am. I guess they could tell when i was awake, sleep, dreaming, moving, snoring, yawning, gritting my teeth, .... and just about everything else............ looking forward to getting the results. I must be honest with you i ALWAYS wake up feeling refreshed, with energy...... and I usually wake up the same time......and it is ALWAYs before 6am, even if i go back to sleep.......... the first wide awake moment for me is before 6am. But i do find i get tired mid morning....... and need to work through the slump, i also, when able, enjoy a nap, but it never last more than 45 minutes, maybe an hour..... i can't sleep for 2 or 3 hours ........... wonder if they'll find anything????

Today is a Johnny workout day........ Not sure i want to go.......... but i will, for Christina's sake :0).

Have a good day today


Chris said...

Sounds more like a torture chamber not a hotel room! Prongs should NEVER be up ones nose, that's just not right!!!

Politically speaking.......what is the difference between a half truth and a partial lie?......just askin'. :~\

Sandi said...

ah a play on words my dear..... i knew they meant the same ;), You ready for today?

Patti's Parlor said...

Oh my goodness. How could you sleep all wired up like that? I can't even imagine.
I hope some useful info comes of it.