Monday, November 03, 2008


I am just automatically feeling more energy as of late. This morning Christina, Me and Judy went for a walk, and i just felt good, had a "spring" in my step... could have easily walked another mile or two, but Judy had a lot to do today. So I came home, and decided to go with Katie and the little girl she babysits for (she's 2 years old). we went to yellow creek state park, and had a "picnic" and we played......and played. came home, and although i wanted to take a nap, i didn't got supper ready, and now i am going to do some housework.
Tonight I go up to Indiana to do my sleep study......i am scheduled to go up at 9pm. i know that i am going to be connected with a hundred wires to my head and body, I am going to have a camera on me, and heart monitors and breathing monitors.......and i am going to be told, .......Have a nice sleep, um, yeah, I'll get right on that! I must admit that i am tired right now...... so hopefully I'll sleep. I need to get home by 6am so that i can get ready for work. tomorrow i work at Kiski. and I have an appointment with my *personal trainer. that is if Christina will SHARE him, i am just sayin' we also made arrangements already to walk on Weds morning. I work all week. and have 2 appointments for myself, the sleep study and the lung study..... gosh I am doing all that i can in my power to get this body healthy..... not leaving a stone unturned.
well, i think I'll get going, take i nice bath, shave my legs so when they put the EKG leads on my legs, i won't cut or jab anyone :0)!!!
If i get time I'll blog and let you all know how it went tomorrow while I am at work.

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