Monday, November 10, 2008


it sure was chilly this morning for our walk. But a nice walk it was. we went about 4 miles. There were four of Us, we met at one part of the trail, all got into a van, and drove to the end of the trail......... walked back to where the other car was parked, and then we drove Judy back to her van. it was nice to explore the walking trail this way without having to double back. Today we had a "guest" visitor, Christina's sister in law who had the day off, but one of the other ladies didn't make it. We were talking that if this keeps up its going to be a regular "walking" club starting.... it is nice and safer to walk with a group.

Today I am here at Kiski, and tomorrow morning I go to the Methadone Clinic, going to try and stay awake all day tomorrow...... go work out at the gym with Johnny...... and then go back for my sleep study. Weds we are scheduled to walk again, and then i have a phone meeting with my diet coach..... at least i don't work on wednessday.....

I am getting ready to have my first Consult meeting with Dr. Courcoulas, it is just two weeks away. I need to get a hold of a few records from my family doctor. and i am in the process of figuring a time line for the many stages of weight that i have been all of my life, I pulled out the photo album to help me figure this out. I didn't have a weight issue until after i started having children, oh i was never skinny skinny... i always had the hour glass curves....... And then the weight started to slowly appear, mainly in the hips and thighs, they say that is a "safer" way to carry fat! not sure there is a "safe" way to carry all of this excess weight. Come to think of it i guess by scale standards i was always heavy, here is a pic of me weighing about 180 in a size 10 dress.... ----------------------------------->

So realistically i am not going to get to 140 or 150, if i didn't do it when i was 19 and working at a gym 5 days a week. I am NOT going to do it as a 41 year old that goes to the gym twice a week. But I am confident that I will get healthy again, and i am confident that i will look fine.... but more and most importantly....i am confident that i will feel G.R.E.A.T.!!!

so i picked pictures to go with my weight at various stages of my life. And now i have to figure out when i went on Weight Watchers, 4 different starts. When i did Curves, When i did Calorie King, when i did Atkins when i did slim fast, when i did the grape fruit diet, ......... wow a lot of info to figure into a timeline.

Haven't heard from my lung study test yet, not sure when i will, my goal is to really work hard as to NOT get sick this winter.......... this is my goal! so we shall see, well i think i am going to get going for now, have some work that I should do.

Hi Patti, those nephews of yours are so Cute, I never did get to congratulate you for getting the position.......guess God wants you to do it huh???
Hi Kim, ........keep up the good work, and enjoy the journey. you are doing so well.
Hi Kellie, hope things are going well with you, think about you and your family often
Hi Christina......... heck i am back to seeing you it seems like all the time now........ ;0) oh i am so in love with my little niece.
Hi Gina, we will have to do a weekend walk with Aunt Chris
Hi Jeanine, I just miss you........
Hi Kims Mom, keep the prayers coming, the power of prayer is amazing...... but you already know that.
Hi Cliff, so i am glad you are sorta, kinda, behaving yourself, at least that's what your sis says

and Dear Katie, do not even comment that i didn't say hi to you......... i see you all the time, you live with me remember???

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