Thursday, November 20, 2008

This and That

So a 4 mile hike and a Johnny workout DO NOT GO TOGETHER on the same day.. I am just sayin' We've been going to the gym with Johnny for about a month now.........and he never gives us the same workout twice... i thought maybe he'd go easy on me yesterday, as i proceeded to explain to him that Chris and I had a tougher than normal "hike", just maybe we wouldn't have to do any side step lunges, or squats or walking lunges.......... just maybe, well i was W.R.O.N.G. We work so hard, and he is such a stickler about our form and how we do each exercise, he watches how we stand, checks to make sure we are holding the abdominal muscles in....... we don't talk to each other, we don't joke around........we work. he is so serious about what he does. There is another trainer there who lets say if you would see him, he doesn't look like a personal trainer, I watch him with his client, and he sits there and talks about the weather, and what he watched on TV last night........ Heck i couldn't talk to john or Christina even if i wanted too.

I am here at Kiski today, we are supposed to get alot of snow tonight, which will make an interesting journey to the Methadone Clinic tomorrow at 4am, don't think the snow plows will be out yet either........ well i can do what I can do.......and I'll just pray that I'll get there safe and sound. I do love that job but so much much!!! I used to get nervous and worried, but not anymore.........the worst that could happen is they tell me I am not right for the job......and I work Kiski more :0). Not a problem.

I have my past medical records that are needed, I have my weight history with photos ready, so i have to get my medicine that i take written down........ which i am only on one little blood pressure pill and vitamins so that will be easy, and a Medical Family History needs to be i'll do that today and then I am set. I will not get my surgery date this visit, only after i complete the 6 month study will they schedule me, So that will be in January. and i am really Not in a hurry either, so when it will be, it will be........ I've long since placed this in God's hands..... so i don't need to think about the details to much.

Well think i am going to get some more of my work done.......... my shift will be over before i know it....... have a great weekend

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