Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Curious

as to what last nights sleep study will show? The last time i woke up so refreshed, i could tell i slept well. This morning i woke up groggy!!! so i am really curious to see what happens. I don't want to use a bipap machine BUT i want to feel good , esp in this journey to better health, so if lack of Oxygen is causing my metabolism to be sluggish, and affecting how i feel through out the day...... why wouldn't I, Now if the reports say that i still am not showing any signs of losing O2 at night, then i can rest easy. i am just glad that i had two different experiences at the Sleep Center.
I need to call my doctors office today to let them know that I will be needing copies of some of my test over the past year to take to Dr. Courcoulas. I already worked on my time line, and now i will do a brief summary of my family health history. I feel surgery will take place in January or February.....
Oh while going through some paperwork from past hospital visits...... I have lost 34 lbs since February when i decided to take the bull by the horns. i am sure going to Pittsburgh weekly has helped me to stay on track for almost 5 months :0).
Well Johnny decided, so he says, to up the "notch" so to speak on our work out.........umm Chris and I just looked at each other, because we thought we have been working umm "UP THAT NOTCH" since we started . He is so good, and I must say from the moment we walk in the door to the moment we step is less than 40 minutes ....
today is the ladies hike.......... think there will be 3 of Us.... and i am going to wear my pedometer to measure approx how far we go
Oh speaking of which i better get dressed, I am not going to shower first, so i go with goo all through my hair.......
wow and then i am home for the day........what is up with that :-)

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