Sunday, November 09, 2008

I see fire and I see rain.....

first fire place weekend of the year, and I love it? this is so much my time of the year. cold rain outside, and a warm fire inside. It feels so good to do absolutely nothing. It has been almost 2 and 1/2 months since I've had a weekend off....and today i am just relaxing, I plan on napping, reading, watching movies, peaking at the football game every now and then. I spent yesterday cleaning cleaning today can be my day of rest.
Bill and I may go on a short little hike this afternoon. and then again I may not want to get out of my jammies, today is a jammie day for me. Besides Chris and I are doing a nice hike tomorrow morning with a few wonderful women.

Oh and Kim, to answer your Clairitin question. they are the ones that told me to take the Clairitin. and what they are looking for can't be masked by the medication, and taking it will help them make the diagnosis., a malformation of my throat will occur with or with out the claritin, But if i don't snore as loud, and i still show that there are no signs of lost oxygen, or apnea, then they can guess the snoring is from sinus drainage and not obstruction. Hopefully this will be my last sleep study for a while, Now if this test comes back with totally different results, i may have to do another one. this doctor is extremely cautious says the sleep techs.
Well the chair is calling me........ but first i promised the "boys", that i'll make breakfast for a late lunch,,,,,,, vanilla Cinnamon french toast, scalloped apples, sausage, bacon ........ they love it.
I am feeling so good........ such a peace to my Spirit......

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Kim said...

That makes perfect sense...I was just curious! Love ya!