Tuesday, November 18, 2008

***Well Darth Vader I will NOT be***

No raspy breathing for me through a mask at night. I had the results of my second sleep study today...... and there is not one episode of sleep apnea, or serious drop in O2 levels. they said that I do have periods of snoring.....loud snoring, and that my family doctor needs to follow thru, because i do wake up throughout my sleep , and they can not detect as to what wakes me up..... i am still betting sinus drainage pooling in the back of my throat, they told me to check to see if i may have Nocturnal GERD..... i spent 70 % of my night sleeping on my back, and the doctor was happy that i did that, cause that really brings out the sleep apnea... the tech that spoke to me said the Doctor can't believe i am 100 lbs over weight, have 4 /4 siblings that have been diagnosed with Sleep apnea........ and i don't show one single episode.......... Such a healthy "fat" girl here :0).
I picked up more of my health records today..... and I was on the low abnormal anemic, at one point my D levels were low. i have a fatty liver, normal gallbladder, heart, pancreas......etc
I am NOT showing signs of Peri menopause yet.... I am not pre diabetic if there is such a thing.....( i heard a doctor today say that pre diabetic just means high normal glucose levels, )

lets see what else did i find out by reading my records...... oh yeah i can't forget, I am a very pleasant cooperative morbidly obese white female, with many children......... oh but the best thing that i found out was that my father died young at age 52 from heart disease, but i am glad to know that My mother is alive and well........ where did they get that???? i wasn't even on Demerol while I was in the hospital.

I have been feeling so good, finding more and more energy... today after work at the methadone clinic, and traveling to gather my medical records, i came home and thought i'd nap, i did for 35 minutes, woke up feeling wide awake and refreshed....... go figure...

Dr. Courcoulas on Monday.......... almost here

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