Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i met the surgeon

well it started in April, after my second hospital stay in a month, when my doctor first mentioned "tools" to help me with my weight loss ..... he was like "....Sandi, you are only 40 years old, you've been in the hospital seriously ill twice....... maybe you should just look into the gastric band to help you eat smaller portions........" well Hell, i didn't want to hear that...but it was planted in a far corner of my brain... May came and went........still planted, ........ i finally decided to at least "water" the little bugger...... so i prayed, and investigated, prayed some more and investigated..... June i decided to at least go to the seminar. and I also felt in my heart that i wanted Dr. Courcoulas to do it, not an associate, but Dr. Courcoulas (she actually has gone across the country teaching other doctors how to do this surgery). Bill and i went to the Informative seminar, and it just so happened the date i picked was the date that DR. Courcoulas would be teaching it..... And things started to fall in place.. and then God saw fit that i would be accepted into the study group with the more intense interactions.. (many say that is the luck of the draw... nah.... Luck had nothing to do with it). I began my meetings on July 7th, ... and now i see or talk to my diet coach every week..... and Finally 8 months later i meet my surgeon. Aimee my coach said that they try to work it out that who ever teaches the informative meeting is usually the one that does the surgery on you.-~~~ again NO Luck involved here.
After spending two hours in Pittsburgh, seeing two doctors, they thought I'd be a great candidate for the lap band procedure. and i know my dearest friends are going to laugh.....but she really thought i had a strong grasp on the subject, and had a very realistic view on the surgery....she said i seemed to be well grounded......... I immediately liked her.... she walked in , shook my hand....... sat down and the first words out of her mouth were......" this isn't magic, you can gain weight with the lap band, you could eat all day if you wanted to........ It ,(meaning the lap band) cannot work unless you work with it) She was also thrilled that i was chosen for the PREP study, and i was one of the subjects that was doing the long term treatment..... she said i was so "lucky" to get that, and that learning how to eat now........is a BIG BIG positive in the future success of my surgery. So I finish two more months of diet prep, I have to make a consult with Psychiatric and Dietitian......... she was pleased that my PCP has already done several of the testing I needed. And then we will schedule surgery....... i think it will be sometime in February.......maybe March......... this Journey has no time frame........

Today is a Johnny day at the gym, Sunday Chris and I did a 4 mile hike... and without getting into detail.......... umm, there are more than just "bears" that poop in the woods........ and that is ALL i am going to say

Hi to my GG's, looking forward to seeing Kim on Saturday.. so Chris be ready after lunch to do a little hike........oh wait we cant go on Sat....... we'll have to go on Sunday before she leaves if you have time in the morning....... opps, NOT a good idea to hike in the woods in Western Pennsylvania during Deer Hunting Season.......... i am just sayin'


okay Christina has brought 2 things to my attention, one.... i should just say it was I that got really bad stomach cramps two mile into the hike..... almost made it home....... almost.... and i needed to stay near my bathroom the entire evening.

and i got a little confused, big surprise there. Deer Season does NOT start until Monday, so this weekend will be safe.......so we can go on a nice hike on Saturday.... sometimes even i wonder about Me :o).


Chris said...

First of all, to all you loyal readers, without going into too much detail.......I'm not the one that pooped in the woods.........just sayin'!

Secondly, why can't we walk on Saturday?

Judi said...

Hey...Just found your blog (through Amy's I Want A Cookie) and wanted to let you know I was banded at Magee (Dr. McCarthy...part of Dr. Courcoulas' group...August 2007. So....please if I can provide any support or help or advice or direction....I'm at your beck and call! I work in the Oakland area and live in the South Hills. Don't know if that helps you or not!
Cant' wait to read the rest of your blog!

Sandi said...

Hi Judy, nice to hear from you, i am new to all of this and i sure could use the info and support.

thanks for leaving a message :)

Judi said...

Hey Sandi....Just click on my name and visit my blog....you can email me from there as well! My blog is all about my Lapband journey...
Feel free to ask me questions, tell me what you are worried about, whatever.....!
P.S. BTW...you would be my 2nd Lapband buddy named Sandy that I met through my blog....!

Kim said...

Hi Sandi!! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! (That definitely includes you, too, Christine!) I'm glad you met the surgeon and are comfortable with her....her, right? I know from experience how important that is. You keep going. You're doing great and I find you to be an encouragement on the days I need it the most.

Love ya, sis!