Wednesday, November 05, 2008


okay it is finally over. and now it is time that since my family's candidate didn't get chosen, that it is time to Respect the Man and the Position... Bill is such a hard core Conservative, and my kids are exactly like him. I don't think i am hard core anything actually. I am NOT going to worry about this as i know that God is in control of my life. And i am going to be optimistic and wait and see what happens, i am going to give President Elect Obama a chance to see what He is going to do. I remember when President GW Bush was elected i was so saddened to see that many Democrats didn't even want to give him a chance, didn't want to show him respect, and i remember saying....... okay the people spoke, and GWB was chosen, now stop whining and lets move on...... I wouldn't want the Presidents position for ANYTHING, look how quickly the Presidents age. and gee their income is less than a 2nd and 3rd string professional athlete. Good Luck Mr. President Obama, I'll be praying for you. Besides Changes don't start at the Federal Government level,it starts in your home, it starts in your local communities. I am teaching my children right from wrong, i am teaching my children to respect each other, I am teaching my children...... and as i see them change from Child to adulthood......... I like what I see........well most of the time.

well out for my hike, then a doctor appointment and then work
Love and Blessings to my GG's


Anonymous said...

obama wins.
america loses.

Sandi said...

I am not sure who Anonymous is, but with all do respect. the game has just begun, so i'll wait and see, I'll let you know in the 4th quarter, ........ we gotta come together somehow .