Wednesday, August 20, 2008


That was my topic today with my Life/Diet Coach! And I think this is going to be one of the major keys to my success. I guess it doesn't matter what "diet" that I am on..... weight watchers, jenny craig, curves eating plan......... it doesn't matter if I am watching Carbs, or Fat, or Protein, or Calories...... NONE of these really matter to me. What I am learning is that, my weakness is mindless eating, and it always has been..... I can swallow a big mac, slurp a 20oz. shake, and toss down a large fry before my car hits the 40 mile an hour mark...... or I can run into the house grab a turkey breast on my flax and fiber bread, toss down a cup of sliced cukes, inhale my diet yogurt, and drown on Crystal Light before my shoes are off. in my opinion both are wrong, and even if i continue to eat "diet/healthy" food in the same manner... i am going to fail. I need to build a healthier relationship with food., and focus on what eating is really for. I eat to nourish my body. The food i eat will break down and help heal my body when it is fighting illness. The protein i eat will strengthen and build lean muscles, the water I drink will lubricate my joints, and flush away excess sodium. And lets be honest, food is comfort, I love food! so tell me what I enjoyed more.... the countless times that i made a warm pan of brownies for the kids, i used to inhale a bite every time i walked in the kitchen, ended up eating 1/4 of a pan. Last week i made brownies, I did not put an OFF LIMITS SIGN on them. but instead later in the evening I cut one 2 inch square, went out on my porch, I sat there and truly tasted this wonderful little brownie, I actually could tell you the brownie had a silky texture, the taste was mild, ..... it was so yummy.... and I was happy and satisfied. So being mindful may actually mean for me, a more joyful eating experience.

We went over the weeks Food Diary, and i was surprised to see that i really didn't deny myself anything, i made choices not to eat some foods, but i put nothing off limits. I kept just below 1500 nutritional dense calories, i wrote down everything i ate.(even the evening of Wing Hell) I even had 1oz of reg Chips, and a brownie. one day i had the Teriyiaki noodles, just a 1/2 cup not the normal 2 heaping cups full. I can say I didn't need to get a "second helping" at all.

Oh this journey is fun, why am I having so much fun? Oh yeah, we also spoke about finding a reward for the many short term goals i plan on getting. And I gotta get away from food rewards. lets see, I am not into pedicures or manicures, I would love to get a message, but my body image just isn't comfortable with that yet . I really don't like to shop, first i am not happy to spend money on clothes this size, second there is always something better to do with the extra money.... I schedule time for myself, to read, take a whirlpool bath every evening.... I am planning on going on a relaxing, self loving *not selfish, week at the beach.... so i was racking my brain...... what do i really really want........ oh i have my long range goal, but what can i do for the short term goals???? ........ I decided that for every 5 pounds I lose, I will put 20 dollars into a special savings to go towards my mountain bike........I am thrilled with this Idea. oh and today I put 20 dollars in the savings ..........yup, I lost 5 lbs!!!!!!!

I realize this topic may bore you,....... but this is where i am writing my thoughts, so sometimes it does get long...... but i am learning so much.

This week I am going to continue to be more aware of my food, how i eat it, where i eat it, when i eat it......... you get the picture. well i should get back to work


Kellie said...

OMG I love your goal! And Congrats on your 5 pounds! Keep this up and maybe we can have a clothes burning party! I am so proud of your taking this head on.
love ya GF

Patti's Parlor said...

Not boring at all. I want to follow your journey with you.
Have you read Joyce Meyer's book "Look Great, Feel Great"? If not, let me know and I'll send you mine to read. It's mostly about MINDFUL EATING!