Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can you spell T.I.R.E.D.

Well I can...... M.E. It has been a long day, and it will be even longer tomorrow. I started my job at the Methadone Clinic, and I do think that I am going to like it, I got out of there at 12:15 and then came directly here to Kiski Now this is where is gets bad, I return to Behavioral health at 5 am tomorrow then go directly to my meeting in Pittsburgh, come home go to Sam's scrimmage, go home to bed..... go back to Behavioral Health at 5am, leave there go to kiski until 8pm. go home go to sleep...... wake up and work at Behavioral health until noon...... the boys have a football game Friday..... and then , well, i plan on dying!!!!! :0), I got to do what I gotta do!!! I am not complaining, and actually I am not even upset. But my mind set is going to be different this week, it has to be, the boys are in school all day, football all evening. Katie is working a lot plus has loads to do for College already. And Bill is working 7 days a week as it is.. So if we can all work together a little and just keep a path going in the house, what more can I ask!!! I might as well not get stressed, or sweat the small stuff.
God and I have been chatting a lot lately, and I truly believe that God wants me there, He has too, cause i didn't go looking for for this job. And I believe when I say......."God, take over the wheel...... I assume he knows which way to go..... " This week is doable!! and i am so blessed to have the husband and kids and Xhusband that I have.... we will all work together, The boys will even do a load of laundry (*after I sort of course).

Well my brain is in Information overload...... so much to learn!!! I think i am going to stare at a wall for a while ........

Hi Golden Girls I miss you all.

Gee this vacation i am going to take is looking better and better everyday

oh I want to add another.... I am blessed for having the most awesome X In laws around, they are Albert's parents, but they have been so good to me, And i think of them as my parents.... not X or In Laws. I've known them since i was a teenager. They are going to get Andrew to his doctor appointments and help any way they can.


Patti's Parlor said...

Love you g/f.
Tell the boys I'm waiting to hear about the girls at school.
Katie, looking forward to an update on the boys when you start school.
And tell Bill that I'm wondering what he thinks of the Obama convention! Can of worms, meet can opener....

Kellie said...

Hey there Lady. Please take care of yourself! I mean it! I am getting tired reading your schedule. YOU are a Wonder Woman! The only thing I want from Wonder Woman is her boobs! I bet those things never sagged a bit! Geesh now I have the Wonder Woman song going in my head! Hey she did have a great invisible plane... na still the boobs... Hey I know she had that gold rope that would make people do what she wanted them to do. naaaaa boobs it is.

Am I rambling??????

night night for now.