Friday, August 15, 2008


.... what a whirlwind of a week! and looking at next weeks schedule, i don't see an end in sight. I am not sure how I am going to fit in the other job, but I am sure there is a reason that this job has "panned" out! If I work kiski 2 or 3 days a week, and the behavioral health 1 or 2 days a week, that should be doable, and i must take into consideration that Kiski is closed for a month in December, and a Month in March, and 2 months in the Summer.

I am sitting here at work, and it has been so quiet, and I don't even have paper work to file yet today.... but i am sure when i get up to the office and check the mail, that will change. I've got a lot of reading material, and personal paperwork so I can keep busy.

The kids have all been so busy, we all seem to be whirlwinds in passing, maybe that is why I like the late fall and early winter so much, because that seems to be when we spend so much 'cozy' time together, the days get dark so fast, and I love my fireplace, and I love cooking.. the boys are done with football......, but i refuse to wish any of my days away........they seem to go fast enough.
My kids no longer rely on me to entertain them, actually if i try, i seem to be an annoyance now... that's okay, I don't mind just watching them........ sitting back and just watching them, and their innocence, no worries about the economy or the future,.... Life is good for them, as they listen to music, talk about sports, pick and tease each other, and EAT, did I mention Eat!!! cause these guys sure can put the food down :0).

Katie will start school next Thursday. she will be able to do one entire semester Online, because she took some of her classes during her senior year in high school this has given her a head start. I told her she needs to pick her time to be "in school" and schedule it as such for instance she can set aside Tues, Thurs, and Friday 10am to 3 pm to work on her school stuff.. It will all work out. and she will be fine....... she's putting the pieces together....... and doing a pretty good job of it.

Well I should get going, I think I work Sunday, and I am on call tomorrow....... soon I will have a day off. :0)

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