Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Self Sabotoge....them dang wings

Sometimes I do that, I was keenly aware last night of a lapse in control with my eating. Corey brought home these amazing wings after I already had my meals and snacks. Even better than "boogieman" man wings Patti. I don't think the problem lies in eating them, the problems lies in how I ate them (out of control). They still aren't on my eating plan, it is rare that we ever get them... (a couple times a year maybe). But again none of that is an issue either. okay this is what I did.

~ oh wings, yummy, run over grab one and immediately inhale, oh so good, i was starving (no i wasn't) grab another one to eat while I go back to the boys room to tell them we had wings out there...... i think i shoved a few more down my throat........ sadly I am not even sure how many I had. 4 maybe 5 who knows :0(..........

what i could have/should have done

~ oh wings, yummy, go tell the boys that we have wings. get a small plate put one or two wings on the plate, sit down and enjoy the wings.. taste the wings........ chew the wings... eat slowly, setting the wing down after each bite ....... :0).

I guess that if i did this diet thing to perfection, I would not have wanted the wings at all. and i would have gone to bed, thought about nothing BUT the wings all night... and chances are I would have been setting myself up for a fall. So in my opinion having a 'wing' would have been okay. i've been passing up Pizza, and desserts, and feel No need for them. this time though..... it was a different story.

okay I didn't do it like I wanted too......... i can't turn back time, and if i could turn back time, i'd have many more important things to change than change how I ate wings. but you know what I mean. So i see it as two options. 1.) Hell with the diet, i blew it for this week. eat what i want today and tomorrow, I'll start fresh with my diet coach on Weds. or option 2.) I ate wings, deal with it. Continue on my plan just as I have been for two weeks. let my diet coach know, write that i ate the wings in my food diary. and learn to figure out how to deal with these situations.

I think I'll take Option 2 :0).

Oh and Bill, Katie and I took the dogs for another hike on the trial, day 2 only a little over a mile. don't think the dogs are ready to be pushed yet either, it has been so long since we hiked .. today we will prob hike 2 miles, it feels so good to be walking again....... but i got to get ready because on week 5, this is what my diet/life coach is going to incorporate, and I am sure i will have to write it down too.

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Kellie said...

Sandy Dahling, just the fact that you know and can describe how you felt and what you were thinking at that time is a step forward. Could you have done that before you started this new journey? Option 2 is the best and you know it. Do not kill yourself over this. It is all in the learning process. You are doing a Great job. One day/meal at a time.
Love ya GF