Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A day of blur

at least that is what I am thinking, I've been up since 5:30, Carole, my foster son's case worker is coming between 8:30am and 9 am. and then i am heading to Pittsburgh for my appointment, and then i am going directly to work, which i am scheduled to be there until 8pm. I am trying to get all of the necessary food packed, the healthy snacks and such, get my very own "chores" done. My schedule is becoming insanely busy. as I am now scheduling my new job in, as well as my job at Kiski, as well as Sam's football games, as well as, Andrew and Corey's games, and still keeping my appointments in Pittsburgh a main priority. Organization is going to be the key the next few months.

Kim, i am hoping that the start of classes has gone well. And Christina, I know that eventually we will get to talk again :0), i know you live but a few feet away from me....... so one of these days you may see me ... but not this week :(,. Patti you always have something going on don't you? and Kellie thanks for blogging, I was beginning to worry about you.

I may return and blog when I am at work this afternoon, but i think i better get my butt moving.......

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