Saturday, August 02, 2008

two posts in one morning....

I am answering one of my comments from Cliff :0),

Oh Cliff I would never think of deleting any comments, and a Pain you are not :0). I love thought provoking questions Hey I am a friend of your sisters I am just sayin'
Now let me see if I can put my thoughts in words (i doubt it). At the present moment speaking for myself only... i am so wrapped up in Jesus, yet i do not have a "church" that I am "wrapped" up in. I wish that I could put into words, How I feel about my relationship with God. I am who i am today because of Him, and I couldn't imagine making one single decision without Him
I agree that we are all hypocritical by our own right, just by being human. What better place for a sinner to be in, than be in a Church.... but that is of course if we remember we are sinners in the first place!!! And hopefully the Minister is preaching what God has put on his heart. Just like there are nurses that should not be in the nursing field. *have you ever met one? there are ministers that should not be in the ministry.
But i just took a quote that i loved from an entire sermon. Joyce is not talking about Churches or saying you shouldn't go to Church. But you gotta live for Christ more than just one hour a week.... Now is it our responsibility to lead souls to Christ? And how do we do it? Is it putting our noses in the air at the "scum" on the earth, and then walking out of Church with a grumpy countenance, complaining and gripping and worrying, and yelling, and hating....... (we all do it)

this is where hypocritical comes in on MY part. Okay i can love and tolerate the Drug addicted, petty theft robber who says the F word every third word out of his mouth, But i cannot tolerate "Holier than Thou" Christians.......... they are looking down on the Drug addict, but then I am looking down on them.......... NO difference in God's eyes.. yoi!!! how does Jesus do it? It is a work in process for me every day, every waking moment, and it will be until the day that I die. But in my opinion, it is my duty and promise to God to try to be like he wants me to be....every day of my life. I will always fail........ because of my humanity..... but i will always come to Him and ask for His help every time I fall....and the really cool thing is ......God will catch me every time I fall!!!

Matthew 5:16
"Let your light so shine before men so they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven"

My motto for living :0)!!

Pastor Cliff, Thanks for giving me something to think about and ponder on so early on a Saturday Morning. i wasn't realizing that by Judging and hating and being irritated by one "type" of person i am actually doing what they do to others"types"of people........ makes US all human huh?

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