Friday, August 08, 2008

~> S.T.R.E.S.S. <~

Yeah I think that I am feeling some stress here. Not necessarily all bad, but stress none the less. And when I get like this, I need a few days to "get a grip" so to speak. I am here at work today until 6pm, and it will all likely be quiet! and there is a chance that I won't see another soul. My boss who's home is connected to the Infirmary, is on vacation, so I won't even have her passing through. I do have a few hours of paperwork to organize and file, but other than that, I think i'll work on my personal journal ( the ancient kind, that you write in), read a good magazine and start a Harry Potter book. i have a few worksheets to do for my Diet coach, before my next appointment Wednesday. ( I'll talk about that in a minute) I was looking at my appointment book yesterday......and it hit me how busy I have really been the past 3 weeks, I was showing it to Katie, and she just said "looks like next week is getting filled in pretty fast too mom! " She is right. Bill is a wonderful help, and he has been working every day for the past month, what a good guy, he is having problems with a tooth that was "fixed" *has gotten worse, and more painful since the cavity was fixed. so he is dealing with that. He seems to be a little more irritable than usual, and understandably so!, plus he is dealing with me too, and I have been irritable on and off lately! I am starting to tell my kids NO right now... like yesterday after i spent the day, taking drew to docs, grocery shopping, picking Bill up at work, I was home no more than an hour, when Drew asked if I could take him to his friends. i said wait until your Dad comes out to visit, and go back with him, ( Drew's friend lives right there) He was fine with it. Today Corey told me that when i get home from work at 7pm, could I take him to the Derby at 8 and then go back and pick him up at midnight...... ummmmm, NO, I told him i'd prob crash, as it has been a long week.... He too understood!! Katie normally helps run her brothers around, but she has been work many many hours of late. Boys will be starting all day football camp on Monday...... so the appointments are about done during the day. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, however I am on call, and that may be a good thing...... so i've been on Call all week from 6pm until 10 am the next morning... haven't been called to come in once! (almost but didn't need too). So this weekend i am hoping not to get called in....... Being on call forces me to stay around so to speak, I still get paid a percentage, but must stay within 10 miles of work.

In one month My brother is treating me and Katie to a trip at the Beach. I am looking forward to it so much.... Bill is really encouraging me to go without any worries about home, He said, between he and Albert, they'll be able to handle the boys without any problems. it just may be nice to hang at the beach, when things are quieter, after the tourist season is over, i love the ocean and the sounds it makes...... i plan on resting and reading, and doing not a thing.......... The picture on my blog is a photo from our balcony. I am looking forward to spending some time with Katie, she seems to be figuring out things pretty well, the beginning of summer was very rocky for her........ but she's dealing with it, she is a good girl....... i may joke that she is my Shadow.... but i am glad that she likes to spend time with me... and I'll try and Cherish these 1:1 times together. My brother and His wife Anne are awesome people to be around. ... I love my family, quirks and All.
well this blog has gone on long enough........ maybe i'll talk about my "diet" coach Aimee in another blog.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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