Wednesday, August 13, 2008

summer winding down

it is hard to believe that summer is winding down, and quickly at that. All the boys started football camp and practice. Although there are still going to be some scorchers in the weather department, I can feel hints of fall in the air at night. I notice that the Sun isn't hanging around in the sky quite as long....

i remain busy. and I truly feel like a Taxi at this point, but I am finding some time for me, even if it is an hour here or there. Today is my second appointment with my "life" coach, we will take "before" photos *fully clothed of course. I wonder if i should go there with my hair unwashed, not a hint of make up on........ oh wait, i should have stayed up all night first......... you know so i could have those dark circles under my eyes.. you know what I am talking about? did you ever see those before and after pictures in those magazine adds, you know the ones..... for those magic pills or something. the before picture looks pretty much like a mug shot, from someone on death row, from someone about ready to walk down death row. the dark eyes, the straggly hair, the very sullen countenance, the slumped shoulders,........ and Magically after 8 weeks of "fatbegone" the weight is gone, the magic pill has not only dissolved all your fat, but it put make up on your face, and gave you lighter brighter hair, shoulders are now back, hands on the hips, BIG smile...... whether weight was lost or not....... it's gotta look better than the death row mug shot............ i am just sayin' Okay back to my life/diet coach. today we will go over all of my eating journals and info, and will work on an eating plan that I can follow, we will see how that goes!!! I think the changes I've been making are really helping me umm, digest my food better, and i am way more conscious on how i eat, and what I eat more than ever..... that is a good step.

i am going to try and get down to the golf course today after the appointment, and after i pick up the boys. if all goes right!!! tomorrow and Friday I work at Kiski, and am on call both nights. Oh yeah, and I was offered the other job at the Methadone Clinic, i will work that one or two mornings a week (5am-12p are the approx. hours). Hmm, wonder where God is taking me??? .......... i guess right now He is going to take me towards the shower...... to get ready for the day..
Love and Blessings to Everyone. Hi Golden Girls.......... oh yeah and Kellie where for art thou...? I am just sayin'

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